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Does cone shaped breast / PECK mean I have something to worry about?

hi all, I don't know why it's hard for us men to speak about this (but it is and annoying) should I seek medical advice for an uncomfortable cone shaped peck. ?

My wife checked me and said that my left one feels different because it's like I have milk ducts on the side ????!!!!!

I feel pressure and a bit like bruising but it isn't, but im more focused on the cone shape!!

I was going to go to another forum but it feels safer for now to ask personal questions here..

I am going to book for a gp regardless of anything, but hoped I could get some wisdom on from most on MPD Voice. P.S.. could this be the cause of secondary polycythaemia, 5 & half years after initial diagnosis?

Thank you everyone for being so great! !!


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hi Geoff I would get it checked . I'm a lady with et who thought I had eczema on my nipple which turned out to be breast cancer , so defiantly check with fo. good luck


Hi Geoff,

Personally, I think any change in breast tissue in men or women needs to be checked out ASAP. I am sure it will be fine but better to be safe than sorry.

Good luck.


Definitely needs checked out. There are some drugs that can cause breast enlargement in men but unlikely to be due to polycythaemia


Hi Geoff, I agree with all the previous answers. We ladies have it drummed into us that any changes in breast appearance, shape, texture etc needs investigation. The same surely applies to the guys I am sure. I take my hat off to you for bravery for mentioning this here. I hope you get sorted soon and that it turns out to be nothing to worry about.


Thanks for all your replies, I will have to pop to the GP's and get it checked.


Ive been checked, and all is ok, kind of, it's possibly caused by my sist attached to my delicate man bits. Apparently it can cause my testosterone to reduce allowing the the female hormone to increase a bit (testosterone usually destroy that female one I think its called estrogen) so im now having the sist removed.

Wonders if that sist could b the cause of polycthaemia?

Thanks for all your support,



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