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Update on the Majic trial . I'm taking the drug ruxolitinib .10 months ,ultrasound to check my liver and spleen was excellent x blood counts

When you consider I was needing venesection every 4 weeks ,when I was taking hydra

Plus all those side effects I read about on this site ,flushes and painful bones and I'm sleeping better ,feeling much more confident as well as positive,

Eating healthy ,,only the food I recognise ,not from a tin or packet, drinking juice and lots of water , the results at clinic seem to suggest this is the right track to follow.. Have you seen the MPN.Newsletter ,it makes very interesting reading ,my prof green .at addenbrooks is in the staring role..( so deserved),,,keep twinkling xx

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I'm on the majic trial too. I was allocated best available treatment and, as a result of this, have been on interferon (not Pegasys) since March 2013. My blood counts are pretty much all in the normal range and I currently taking 1g of hydroxycarbamide per week. My spleen has shrunk and my bone marrow has not deteriorated any further. I was initially disappointed not to be allocated ruxolitinib but I now delighted to be on interferon - even with the side effects and needing to inject myself every day.


Sounds good to me ! jo.L,,my trial nurse Kay said,it's also a state of mind ,being a positive great granny I intend to go for it every day ...just a blip on my trip ,,,xxx

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