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Hi. Sometimes when the heat is bad I'm afraid I may not make it to an air conditioned car, store, etc. Have any of you ever had that same feeling? Have you ever fainted or not made it? I've also had the feeling when exhaustion sets in but it's not as frequent or bad. I'd really appreciate any information you can give me. I don't know if I have to worry about fainting or passing out. I do try and avoid these situations as much as possible. Thank you very much! Katie

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  • Hi, we don't get much extreme heat here in south west UK but I used to find when I was out I came over weak and feeling faint sometimes, I have found that a drink of water fixes this so I think it was dehydration and now I never go anywhere without my bottle water to take sips from if I feel a bit odd. Hope you soon find a fix, best wishes, Frances

  • Hi Katie, I'm not good with heat either. In fact, it was a new job which involved working in the heat that brought this disease to the forefront .ofcourse we are all different, but I find its a case of always being prepared. Always wear thin layers,so you can strip off in seconds. Carry a fan and water,drink plenty and practice staying calm as you feel that heat/pressure change. I have never fainted, but have had what I call funny (but not really! ) turns. Try to keep calm, you won't explode I promise 😉

    Keep breathing, regards, Carole

  • Hi. I have just moved south from Scotland and I hate hot weather as I am permanently red faced and sweating. I am almost dreading Summer down here! I have found a type of scarf that is used for cooling the body when it's hot. I have not used it yet but it apparently cools when it is wet. It struck me as worth a try! I can't endorse it yet though! I found it in the gift department in a garden centre but I am sure a similar thing must be found online! I don't have an air conditioned car or home so I'm hoping this will help as I understand exactly how you feel. Best wishes. Jan

  • A good tip is freeze a small bottle of water and pop it in your bag - roll it up and down your arms or press to your wrists when you feel strange or press to your neck. You can drink the water when it melts! I would not be without one when the weather gets hot, in particular on trains. It does work well.

  • I have the same thing. never fainted but feared that i would. if you have a tendency toward hypotension (low bp), dehydration will do that to you big time. stay hydrated, i like the iced water bottle idea (gotta try that) and if you think you may go down....better to sit down even in the middle of the produce isle of the market than to black out and fall down. good luck to you...

  • Thank you all so much for the helpful ideas and encouragement, I very much appreciate it. I will put your suggestions to use. Katie

  • Water, and if you do feel funny sometimes, something salty, whether it's a couple of pickles or a packet of salty crackers.

  • Thanks!

  • hi katie, i too am very heat and sun sensitive and i live in florida!! i also carry a cold bottle of water around with me and stay out of the sun as much as possible. i have never fainted but have become light headed and dizzy. i have pv and try to drink eight to ten glasses of water per day. it really makes a difference and also thins your blood. good luck

  • Hi pvnow3. Thanks for responding. I'm in Florida 6 plus months/year & have noticed how hot it is now-more so than prior years. I also use a bottle that sprays water on my face & neck and has a fan. I fill it with ice and water. Bed Bath and Beyond sells them. O2COOL makes them. Hang in there. Katie

  • hi katie

    i was first dianosed with e.t. second hematologist diagnosed me with p.v. not too happy with her vagueness. now third hematologist has diagnosed me again with e.t. with my

    one year tests showing only sign of concern with platelett count. so, now i have to focus on that . diagnosis treatments are similar. i also take l-arginine to make blood vessels more flexible along with a multitude of vitamins and supplements. i also try to drink at least six to eight glasses of water per day. my only fluids are water, green tea and almond milk. am also a vegetarian which keeps my cholesterol down. no drugs yet, hope my diet will keep e.t at bay :+) good luck to all and share if you can. btw in florida summer i dont go out unless necessary after ten am.

  • I'm extremely fortunate to have a small condo in Wisconsin so I can avoid summer's heat. Take care.

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