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Life Insurance for ET sufferers

Hello everyone. I am a fit 37 year old who is needing life insurance for mortgage purposes.

Last May I was diagnosed with ET following tummy ache which originated from a slightly enlarged spleen. My platelets are consistently high (around 1350) but I am generally very well and just take 75mg aspirin per day to prevent clotting.

I am happy to say I am text book when it comes to looking after myself :) I am not overweight, I don't smoke, I eat very healthily, I drink alcohol in moderation and exercise 5 times a week. With this taken in to consideration, my hematologist deems me as low risk and monitors me quarterly. Unfortunately, insurance companies think otherwise and I have been refused by 4 mainstream insurers as they do not believe my condition is controlled effectively.

Has anybody else had this experience or can anybody recommend any companies to try? Travel insurance is fine for me and it has been accepted by my provider as an existing condition with a marginal increase in premium. All very frustrating :(

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My wife is 34 and has PRV, she is also fit and only takes aspirin like yourself.

We approached a broker who outright declined all critical illness cover and said that once she had had the condition for over two years they would then consider life insurance cover only (exc critical illness) on restricted terms. We tried numerous companies and fairly much got the same response from all if them.

The thing that baffles me is that her condition is well managed, it's non-fatal and does not really have a reduced life expectancy so why decline her ?!?!

Anyway sorry to not give you a positive answer


I found out 6 years ago I had ET. I was only 32. Very fit non smoker. But I been turned down by every company I have tried with. It makes me so cross that I can not get any form of cover.


Thanks for your replies Londonkid and sammypink. It makes me feel better that I am not alone in this then but frustrating nevertheless .... RAHHHHHHRRRRRRRRR! :oP


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