it's nearly been a year

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all keeping well! I just thought I would update everyone on my progress, it's nearly been a year since i had the bone marrow biopsy that told me my ET had transformed into Leukeamia. As some of you regulars on here will know that after having IVF treatment and finding a donor for my transplant I was re tested to find out what level of chemo/radiation I would need and lo and be hold the Leukeamia had completely disappeared! I still to this day don't know how but someone must have been watching over me :)

This week i've had another bone marrow biopsy and have the long 10 days ahead of me to wait for the results all my fingers and toes are crossed that the Leukeamia hasn't returned. What I can tell you is that since then I have had the best medical care I could of wished for, i'm still being treated at the Christie and I have the best Doctor, he is there literally any time day or night to answer my questions, all the nurses know my name and are so friendly! I'm still going to the hospital every 4 weeks and my medication has been changed since moving to the Christie. I'm now on 180mg of Pegasys once a week and aspirin, and I am over the moon to say that my platelets are at the best levels they have ever been at approx 450... so nearly 'normal' my white blood cell counts and neutrophils are also looking good.

I'll keep you all updated on the results of the biopsy but I just wanted to let you all know that even if or when you do get bad news there really is always some positive in everything, after all I'm now engaged to be married, have a new job working in fundraising for an amazing charity and I have 4 frozen embryo's just in case! If i hadn't been given the Leukeamia diagnosis this time last year I wouldn't be in the wonderful position I am in today!

Keep on smiling and keep positive everyone :)

Jennie xxx

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  • It's good to hear from you Jennie.

    Glad all is going well for you and fingers crossed that your bone marrow results are all good too.

    Take care, your positivity is an inspiration to us all x

  • Hi Jennie - wow has it been a year already. . I recall your 'miracle' very well and it was fantastic news and lifted everyone's spirit. Im sure all will be fine with you and as you rightly say you can draw positives often from what appear to be dark times. Im pleased you've posted your update coz this forum needs folk like you who have a bright, cheerful outlook to remind us how fortunate we are that in the main we have manageable conditions and even if they present us with difficult challenges at times we should aim to maintain a positive outlook. I know that's become an 'old cliche' but there's more than a grain o' truth in it and I reckon you are living proof of it. And I reckon you're in exactly the right job as a fundraiser.

    Cheers and my best wishes to you.

  • Hi Jennie

    Great news!!!!!

    Glad to hear your heading in the right direction and fingers crossed for the bone marrow results

  • Everything crossed for you Jennie that its the right result. Congratulations on your engagement, what heartwarming news. I pray that the next time you post that I hear good things again for you. xxxxx

  • Hi Jennie, I also can't believe it's been that long since your bad news, gosh how time rushes by, it's fantastic news that you are doing so well, you are definitely an inspiration to never give up hope, thank you so much for sharing your journey with us all and very good luck with all your fundraising. Best regards, Maz.

  • Hi Jennie, Great you are keeping well after your bad news. I hope whoever is watching over you continues to do so. You are an inspiration not to give up when the going gets tough. Every best wish Aime

  • Great news Jennie, all points and bits crossed for you! Mick x

  • Thanks for the up date Jennie. Miracles really do happen, I'm expecting even more to be posted on this site! Xx

  • Hello Jennie. Glad to hear all your good news .Wonderful for you ,all your family and friends .Lots of love XX

  • Hello Jennie, so happy for you that all is going well. God is amazing and all is possible for Him.



  • I too remember the time you gave us the news. It is fantastic that things are working well for you and that you have always remained so positive. An inspiration to us all. Good luck with everything.

  • Thanks for all your kind comments everyone. You are all awesome :) xxx

  • I can feel your happiness and am so very, very pleased with all the good things that have happened to you. May you have a long and happy marriage

    with lots of embryos, frozen or otherwise!

  • Congratulations on your engagement and new job Jennie, I am so pleased life is going good for you! I hope that we will be hearing good news too regarding your BMB results soon. Take care. Diana x

  • Jennie, I'm a newbie to the group. Thank you for your update. It is fantastic and inspiring news! Congrats on the new phase in life. Your story really grew the happiness in me. Thanks for spreading some joy! Fingers crossed with the most recent test and...Love Vibe, pass it on!

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