Hi I have et and am on interferon a. I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a right breast Mastectomy and a week later had a tia which is

thought to be caused by my blood becoming sticky during op, cancer was found in the sentel node that was removed but I can't have another op due to it being considered to risky and the only option is radiotherapy but I'm worried how this will react with my medication and about having radiotheapy. has anyone else had to faceanything like this ?

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  • I can't offer any advice but just wanted to say how sorry I am that you are going through this. I would contact Prof Harrison at Guys to see what she suggests.

    Take care.

  • Hi do you know how I can contact them ? ,

  • Hi there, I too am so so sorry for you.... Here is the number for the haematology department at guys hospital 020 7188 2724, Claire is absolutely amazing.... I wish you all the best and hope it helps just a little to know you are not completely alone xxx

  • Thank you both so much for your help and support I will ring her on Monday

  • Hi Just to say, I too am so sorry that you're going through this.

    What a brave lady. If good wishes will help then here's a bucket full whinging their way to you.

    I'm sure all will be well. xxxxx

  • I would like to send good luck and warm wishes your way. I asked my doctor to refer me to Prof Harrison. As I am out of the area he said the only way he could do this was as a private patient. I went along with this but now see her once a year on the NHS. She is great. x x x

  • So sorry to hear of your suffering. Hope and pray you get some more positive news.

  • Just like the others, would like to send you loads of good luck wishes and to let you know you have people thinking about you. Regards Aime x

  • Hi I would just like to say thank you for all the good wishes and thought :)

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