My turn for hospital πŸ™„

So I've had black tarry stools for the past few days and gave thrown up about a litre of blood today and now I'm in hospital messaging you from my bed....whilst hooked up to drips! Heamaglobin is 10, urira (I think) is 47.....apparently that's not good....I have varicose galore bleeding on my tummy and may go down for emergency op soon.....ooooosh certainly not what I expected today πŸ€”

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  • Oh you poor thing Chelle. That all sounds quite frightening. You are in the safest place just now to get you sorted out. Will be thinking of you until you are better. Try to rest and above all Get Well Soon. πŸ’πŸ˜’β€

  • Thank you so much for your message I will keep you informed x

  • Oh gosh that all sounds very scary. I so hope everything gets sorted asap for you. Will be thinking of you and hopefully a very speedy recovery.

  • I have to admit I was pretty scared. Just feeling like its a normal battle now πŸ™„ Xx

  • Oh Chelle, I'm so so sorry to hear you're not in a good place. I think you're in Bournemouth hosp aren't you?  If you need anything just shout, only down the road. Will be thinking of you today, much love Poll x

  • Hi prolly, I'm actually in QA in Portsmouth but thank you for the kind offer. 

  • Hi

    Hope you are on the mend. I have varices myself, do get bleeding but nothing like you have had.

    Must have been really scary.


  • Get well soon Chelle - you are definitely in the best place right now for them to work their magic & sort this out.  Hope all goes well today. Liz x 

  • I'm thinking of you. Hope you are sorted out quickly. Maybe we could meet and compare notes when you're feeling better as I'm in Dorset.


  • Nicky my heam is Bournemouth I will let you know when my next appt is. I am now living in Portsmouth.

  • Hi Chelle,

    Hope you're getting on OK. I've been thinking of you. 


  • Love and good luck from Newcastle.  Lesley xxx

  • Best wishes sent to you from Sunny Essex.

    Hope you get better soon

  • Best wishes for a speedy resolution. x

  • You poor thing Chelle. So sorry to hear this. Hope they sort out the problem quickly and you are soon home.

    Karen x

  • Speedy recovery Chelle,what a shock,keep cheerful,sending you all the very best wishes  thinking of you .

  • Best wishes.  Hope all turns out ok. 

  • Dear Chelle

    For every post you read here there are a dozen or more of us trying to find the right words of comfort. Feel the love coming your way through the ether and take courage. David x

  • Hi Chelle,

    Hope you are and about soon. Sorry you are having a rough time of it. Get well soon. 


  • You're in the right place to get it sorted. Hope you're soon up and about again.

    Best Wishes

    Lizzie XX

  • Wishing you better soon. You really are in the right place today. The sooner they fix you, the better. Thinking of you and waiting to hear that you're discharged from hospital and fighting fit again.

    Val xxx

  • All good wishes for a very good outcome as they all say 'your in the safest place'June from the Channel Islands.xx

  • Hi Chelle sending you a huge, gentle hug xxxxx You are amazing and I know that you will be smiling even hooked up to all the medical stuff. Thinking of you xxxx Marilyn

  • Hi Chelle

    So sorry to hear you are so unwell at moment. I am thinking of you and hope they get things sorted out for you quickly. Please let us all know how it goes when you are able. In meantime sending you all good wishes for speedy recovery. Take care love & hugs Liz xxx

  • Hi Chelle, so sorry to hear that, as everyone says you are in the best place. 

    I too am in Bournemouth so if there is anything I can do please let me know. More than happy to help.

    Take care. 

    Karen. Xx

  • Poor you Chelle, I thought the tooth ache was bad enough! Thinking of you and wishing you a very speedy recovery. love Mel xx

  • Hi Chelle, bless you, it sounds very scary, hope you feel better soon, we are all thinking of you, Maz x x x x x

  • Gosh Chelle, this is a surprise.   Wishing you all the best for a swift recovery.   Thinking of you all the way to good health.  Linda xx

  • Hi Chelle. I've been where you are - with an internal bleed. It's scary but eventually manageable.  I felt awful and very breathless.  A&E failed to understand the blood results even though my Hb was only 8.   After three days as an inpatient I was discharged and sent home with just a diagnosis of "Collapse" and feeling no better. I had been seen by 7 doctors over those 3 days and they were all mystified. Luckily I am under an excellent London Haematology Unit. My Surgery faxed the blood test results and I immediately got a phone call telling me to call an ambulance and get to the Unit. By then my Hb was 6. Moral of the Story:  If taken into hospital 1. Ask to see the Haematologist on Call if you think it is a blood related matter   2. Study your blood results and learn to interpret them for yourself  3. Wear a Medic Alert bracelet with all your information on it.  Wishing you better soon. 

  • Hope all is well and you are feeling better soon Michelle.   Best wishes from Lancashire xx

  • Oh dear, Chelle - what a shock.  I am sure the hospital will get this sorted, but I am sorry you have to go through this.  All the best wishes for a good recovery. Marilyn

  • Sorry to hear of your problems. Just to make you smile though: my partner does not have English as a first language and I had a similar problem with black stools. Not understanding what was actually meant he told my family I had black mushrooms! Bless!  I certainly hope you will feel better soon and that your mushrooms return to their normal colour ASAP! πŸ™‚

  • Sorry to hear you are poorly, best wishes for a speedy recovery xx

  • Sorry to hear you are not good ,,it's the time of the year I reckon !!  Sending lots of love as ever.   Twinkly 

  • Well you poor little gorgeous person what rotten pooey luck.

    Thank heavens for our clever doctors - I'm absolutely sure you'll be fine, bet they've dealt with this loads of times......lots of love, Louise

  • So sorry to hear!  wishing you a speedy recovery!  Mickey

  • Poor old you, how scary. Trust they will sort you out soon - as you can see all your MPN mates are routing for you. Twinkly is now on the mend so you must copy her soon. It would appear you have moved away from the London area to the seaside, how lovely. God Bless, love Elsie xx  

  • My goodness that does sound scary .

    Hope they sort you really guickly xx

  • Hope you better soon , and speedy recovery xxx

  • Just curious did you have any symptoms prior to this happening. 

    God speed!

  • Oh Chelle, so sorry youre going through this.  Im quite ignorant about what youre going through so have no idea how all this came about for you, i just wish you a speedy return to normal and a low stress stay in hospital.  I hope they look after you really well. Xx

  • So sorry to hear this. If it's an internal bleed my husband, who had a bleeding duodenal ulcer, and had identical symptoms,  had it cauterized  and it's been good ever since.  But you're right, it's scary.  They put him on protonix (omeprazole) to control stomach acid. Good luck. Keep us posted.  Katie

  • Sounds really scary and unpleasant for you.  Hope they get you sorted out and you are on the mend quickly. Mark

  • Oh you poor soul. Glad you are in the right place to get sorted. Thinking of you, lots of hugs and Aime 😺

  • Best wishes from Mayo!  Sounds so scary.  Keep up your strength and we'll be thinking of you.

    Rest! K x 

  • Oh you poor thing Chelle, all sounds just dreadful for you, why has this happened?  But you are in the best place. Keep us informed how you are doing. Thoughts and best wishes for a speedy recover.


  • Thinking of you and hoping all goes well and that you will soon be home.  Lots of Clive

  • Sorry that should be lots of love ( sure you won't want lots of Clive - unless he's a real dish!  My tablet keeps changing my words!

  • You poor thing - wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery from sunny Aussie, Sandra

  • Hello you lovely supportive lot! Thank you, when your feeling down about things there is nothing better than reading messages from your virtual friends wishing you well. 

    So I am still in hospital, I collapsed in Wednesday night with everything going totally wrong, bleeding, being sick....etc..... No gory details needed. Straight in to an Acute Medical Ward pumped full of drugs, some that reverse the effects of my warfarin and some that are antibiotics and I think there were too two others going into various veins. Since then I have had an ODG for my varicies; just 3 this time, chest X-ray and ultra sound. Nothing as yet.....however......the medication to reverse the warfarin I had an allergic reaction too, hot skin and swelling....although it took them a while to believe me.... My tummy has started to swell so it's definitely become more of a liver issue but there not as friendly over there. The ultrasound showed ascities in my stomachse, so two night ago they did a tap.....ouch, but to no avail. 

    Seen the doctor this morning and he has said that we are going to do a guided tap instead to remove the fluid. I then mentioned that I have pain in my shoulder and they think I might have an issue with my gallbladder......

    So all in all I am ok.

    Although I am not going to go home just yet........I will keep you updated.

    Thank you for the wonderful messages. They really are appreciated. 

  • Thinking about you and hope everything gets sorted out as quickly as possible.  Take one step at a time and know with each step we are all with you. Aime xxx😺

  • Hi Chelle my lovely, so good to see the update from you. Just wondered how it's going now. You still in hospital or have you been able to go home? Let us know how it's going and I am thinking of you and sending you all good wishes . I have everything crossed that things improve for you soon. Lizxx

  • So I best give you lovelies an update, so today is day 8 in hospital. I am waiting on the results of the CT scan and have managed to have a successful Guided Tap to remove the ascities on my tummy. The diuretics are also working wonderfully and I look also back to normal.

    I am extreamely anemic, so they are wanting to do a Farinjet IV at some point but obviously knowing it might mess with my bloods need to contact the Heam team in Bournemouth.

    I do however have an infection in the place where my canullaur was, so am on more antibiotics. 

    I think that's ant it for now. I am hoping to hear if I have qualified for the Great North Run in September this week, so I will be running and raising money for MPN Voice. 

    I hope your all well.


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