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PV and obtaining Travel Insurance


Can anybody recommend a good and reasonable Travel Insurance company to use for worldwide travel? Going to visit family and need to obtain some insurance soon..

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Hi, i just used staysure and got a really comprehensive cover at a competitive price. Mine is only single trip for Europe though. I have pv the only thing they wanted to know was if i had ever had a blood clot. Dead easy to get a quote and buy online. There is also a leaflet about travel on mpd voice which has a list of travel insurance companies to try. Good luck and have a nice holiday ??

NewBloom in reply to Foss33

Thank you soooooooo much! I've just obtained insurance from 'Staysure' they were cheaper and they insure my medications (Interferon & Asprin) spoke to a great guy on the phone. Would recommend people to use them.

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I just phoned staysure and they said they cannot cover the mpn conditions as they are a cancer and they won't cover even though on chemo to control it.

I have ET


the travel leaflet can be found here ... mpdvoice.org.uk/treatments/... the companies listed have been recommended by people who have been successful in obtaining travel insurance from them.

I had automatic cover by being an HSBC account holder but I had to inform them about my PV, the fact that my father is 'frail' and other questions beside. I was surprised by what they needed to know and was glad I'd checked with them before traveling abroad. If there are any circumstances that could mean, for example a last minute cancellation and making a claim then the insurers need to know about this otherwise any claim cold be invalid. Sorry I can't actually recommend a specific insurer but it might be worth asking your bank or building society. Have a lovely holiday.

Hello, I have E.T and have had problems finding a company that actually covers the E.T. Anyhow, I did eventually and it wasn't too costly either. The thing here is that the companies mentioned on the MPD voice web page, did not want to cover my E.T. Not sure why.

As I have an extremely good memory, but also it is extremely short...;-),I can't remember the name of the company that I am with but if anybody wants to know I shall 'investigate' and come back to you. (that means look in the safe and find the papers...)


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Can you give me name of company. I keep being refused as I have ET too and on chemo

Hi there, I have had PV for 3 years and approaching my 70th birthday so that was also an issue. I moved to M&S due to my age and to whom I gave all disease and medicines details. They appear to be happy with this but I haven't - luckily - had to "test the water" yet. Should I develop anything connected to my blood during a holiday I would expect claims to be difficult however, I would expect them to cover costs on say a broken leg or other non blood related ailments. Good luck in your search. Mike Hogg

i have Et and have a annual multi-trip travel insurance cover which costs me £79 the main thing they ask is have you suffered a blood clot, which i havn't.Tthe company is Insureforyou.com, hope that helps.

Thank You all for your help, you saved me a lot of time. I went with Staysure in the end they were very good.

My platelets are high, so my Dr. told me to take 1 low-dose aspirin every night. He also told me while flying, bc I’m taking the daily aspirin, I’m safer than almost everyone on the flight from having a clot. In the past 2 years since I’ve been diagnosed, I have had several overseas flights. Even before diagnosed, I use compression socks on the long flights; they help with circulation and help my feet and ankles not swell. Other than that, there has been no other issue for me.

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