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Looking for meet ups

Hi Everyone,

Just found this site after our 3rd failed IVF. I know that it’s becoming more and more likely that we won’t be having any children and I’m finding that very difficult to accept. I’ve lived in London for nearly 6 years and I can’t say I’ve made a huge amount of friends, all through my own fault. TTC took over my life. I’m looking to meet new people. Funny ones preferably as I feel like I haven’t laughed in a long long time. Any help with this would be great. Looking forward to hearing from you all

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Hi forlove,

welcome to a community of people who know and understand the turmoil, grief and trauma you have and are going through.

I have found my 8yr battle with infertility a very isolating and stressful experience. So I understand your need for a community that can support you and give you a bit if your fun back.

I'm based in Stockport, but know there was a meetup planned by Cat from this forum in London recently. You have literally just missed it. So there are alot of people on here nearer you and hopefully there will be another one planned soon XXX take care


hello again, if you email Cat she may have other London based gatherings planned....Cat@fertilitynetworkuk.org. Also the app called 'meet up' have gateway women events around the whole of the UK and 'the league of fabulous women' tlfw.co.uk/ have events in London that would be great to attend xxxx


Hi Forlove I'm so sorry to hear that you are dealing with this. As @fuzzy_winker mentioned we had a MTL meet up in Feb but not to worry, we will have more in the future. I have just posted one in Hertforshire which is happening in April but it depends where in London you live? Have you signed up to the MTL enews? It will bring you details of everything happening in More to Life fertilitynetworkuk.org/for-...

If you want to contact me I'm at cat@fertilitynetworkuk.org.

You are not alone in this.

Cat x


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