The Kent Branch are meeting at Hoopers Department Store in the restaurant initially at 12.30pm. From there we will go for a stroll in the nearby park followed by lunch in the cafe in the park. New members are very welcome. For further details and to book in please message me via this website or via the MTL office.

Many thanks Chris Morris, RMC for Kent

NB. It is imperative that you book into this event as this Meet Up may be subject to cancellation if numbers drop to below three.

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  • Hello , I would be interested in attending. I live in Surrey but believe this is the nearest group. Not sure how to messenger you Lucy only joined at the weekend ! Kind wishes Julie

  • Hi Julie yes it would be lovely if you could attend. You can either get in touch by the MTL office or I can give you my mobile number or e mail address.

  • If you can email me the details that would be great! My email is Julie_ordish@live.co.uk. Thanks!

  • Hi Julie lovely to hear from you and well done on finding the private message facility. I am still not sure how to send someone a private message.

    My e mail address is Christine.Morris@live.co.uk my mobile number is 07957 114657, would be great if you could come along on Saturday.

  • Thanks, Is it Christine or Lucy your name? Would It be ok if I call you this evening to discuss? Hopefully speak to you later!

  • Hi Julie it's Christine. Lucy is the name of my dog, when I was registering it would not let me use my name as it was already being used by someone else. I'm afraid I am out tonight and tomorrow night but will be in Thursday and Friday evening. Not sure how you would be coming but Tunbridge Wells Train station is directly opposite Hoopers Department Store if that's any help to you. Will chat later on this week. Best wishes Chris

  • Glad I asked the question! Would have been embarrassing calling you by your dog's name! Lol! OK I'll call you later in the week! Take care.

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