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My blog trying to work through my feelings

I am trying to blog as an outlet to my feelings. I relate to so many of you here and totally understand the loneliness.

Here is my latest post: failedivfmiscarriagesandmov...

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Dear Healing

Thank you for your post and your honesty

We hope you can find the healing, peace, and eventual happiness you and your husband deserve

Take care and we look forward to further posts on your healing journey


Hi healingv29,

Just got round to reading your blog and wanted to thank you for your honesty and courage. When I read your thoughts about how you're not the same person post failed IVF rounds it really resonated with me. I am a different person too. I wish I was the hopeful, positive and light hearted person I once was. But something broke in me that I don't think can be reverted. The positive is that the broken part of me has a deep sympathy and understanding for people struggling with grief and sadness. But the negative is that I will never be the same, resilient and hopeful person again. And to hear someone else explain this has really helped. Thanks you


Hi Fuzzy_winker I am so sorry you have had similar experiences. You would not wish these experiences on your worst enemy. We are sadly part of a club that most people will never understand x

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