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Are there any infertility groups in Surrey?

Hi I'm Moira, I'm new here. I've never posted anything before. I'm 37yrs old, been TTC for 5yrs. I have low egg reserve. I've had 12 cycles of ivf & 4 failed embryo transfers over a period of 2yrs.

I've really been struggling to cope since my latest negative test a month ago, which is why I joined this online group. When you start your ivf journey no one explains how isolating it is. I always assumed that if you had enough money to keep having ivf that you would get your own biological little bundle of joy. But the emotional rollocoaster of hope and constant failure is devastating. I'm desperate for a baby but I know I can't put myself through the heartache of more harvests, plus we simply can't afford it.

I was wondering if any knows of an infertility group that meets up in Surrey. I was hoping to meet with other's who have had similar experience's. Unless you've been through it yourself it's impossible to understand. Martin is incredibly supportive, I couldn't ask for a better partner but even he doesn't understand the pain I'm going through.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Sorry if I've gone on a bit.

Regards, Moira

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Hi Moira,

Thank you for your message, you've come to the right place as everyone here has been through a similar situation and is dealing with having to come out the otherside of treatment without the result they so hoped for. 12 cycles is an incredible amount to have gone through and that your last one was just a month ago, you are going to need time and support to get through this next stage.

I have just recently started at the Fertility Network (of which More to Life is part of) and am gathering information on groups around the UK. As yet I haven't found one in Surrey but I am putting together a regular enews and as the community that receives that builds I and really hoping to be able to create new groups all over. If you would like oto be added to the enews please email me at You can also pop over to Facebook if you are on there as I post as much information on there about events, workshops, blogs etc which you will hopefully find helpful too.

Stay in touch,



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