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IVF failure

Hello I have just completed my first IVF cycle and it unfortunately failed. The day before I was to take my test I started bleeding and having cramps. We have tried for 9 years and we have to use donor sperm as my husband have cancer treatment that damaged his sperm. We are devastated as we just feel its all hopeless. I was wondering if there are any lovely people with any advice for us as we feel this is maybe the time to just give up.

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I'm afraid I can't really offer you any advice, but I wanted to let you know we're at a very similar stage to you. We have been told our best option is to use donor eggs, which we've decided isn't for us, so are wondering like you whether to call it a day.

Beware the rollercoaster of emotions (yet again) x


Hello, thanks for replying!:)

Its awful isn't it. I'm scared if we give up that it could have happened, but how much longer should we do this to ourselves? We tried adoption years ago, but that wasn't for us at all it was a horrible process. I'm just all over the place and don't know what to do at all.


Ooh you sound very similar to me! One day I think 'yes we'll try again even though the odds are all stacked against us' then the following day I think 'we're not having children, let's buy a new car!' I'm just so confused!!

I think my overall feeling is that we'll end our journey here & have been 'thinking positive' about not having children, holidays, nice car, nights out etc.

My hubby & I are usually emotionally strong people, but I don't think I can through ivf again to be let down 🙁 the I worry about what other people will think if we 'give up'

Pm me if you'd like to chat x


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