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Looking for meetup

Hello :-) after 2 failed ivf and being told no point trying again if I don't want an egg donor which I don't I feel like I'm going mad. I'm surrounded by friends family and colleagues with children or pregnant. and I'm extremely lonely.

So I know I need to meet people who understand. is there anyone in the Manchester area or a planned meetup? I would be willing to organise or help organise if nothing in place already


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I'm in exactly the same position. Feel so isolated. Had hysterectomy and then nearly died from sepsis caused by complications. Now worse off than before.

I'm not in Manchester, but I'm struggling so much and would be willing to travel if it meant sharing with someone who gets it. X

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I totally understand how you feel about going mad. One of my close friends has just had her baby and I couldn't bring myself to go to her baby shower, not because I'm not happy for her, but for my own sanity. 5 of my friends all started trying at the same time as me and now they all have their babies, 2 of them have 2 and it is very isolating and lonely. I'm in Bolton so would be interested in a meet up xx


Hi i live in North Manchester,Whitefield near Bury if you have heard of it? I haven't been through ivf but had a hysterectomy just like barneyboy who posted. I will be organising a get-together but won't be for a couple of months but would be happy to meet up with you if you like? The same with barneyboy


Hi i live in North Manchester, Whitefield if you would like to meet up



nice to hear there are a few people in the North West on this site.

I live in Stockport and would like to meet up with you. I recently did a gateway women meet up in Manchester. (First Saturday of the month at sugar junction). It was really empowering to meet up with other gateway women. I wasn't in the same position as the two other women, who were childless through being single. So would appreciate to meet other nomo's. It's really important to address the balance when 98% of your friends have children.



Hi im in Bolton also and would like to meetup if possible. Weve moved on to adoption but are in an inbetween stage at the moment, spent 6.5 years trying for a family so far :( xx


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