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Research request

Research request from Louise Hesselvik (Clinical Psychologist in Training, University of Hertfordshire): Focus group in London, January 2017

Hello everyone! I am currently conducting a study exploring how women who have undergone fertility treatments are able to move on when treatment has not been successful in helping them to have a baby. If you have tried fertility treatment/s in the past but have decided to stop treatment, and if you do not have any biological children, I would be very interested to speak with about your experiences. I have already met with some of you to carry out individual interviews and I am now hoping to meet with a few more of you in a small group to present and discuss what I have understood so far about the experience of moving on from unsuccessful treatment. This will be held in central London, date and time TBC. If you are interested to hear a bit more my study and may want to participate, please email me at l.hesselvik@herts.ac.uk. Thank you so much.

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Does anyone know what came out of this research?


I've emailed Louise for an update - I'll let you know how she responds. Thanks, Hannah


The research is now complete and has been submitted for publication, but it has to be peer reviewed etc so this can sometimes take some time. Please email me Hannah@fertilitynetworkuk.org so I forward anything received on to you.


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