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Fertility and Cancer

my case is an unusual one - both of us (my husband & I) have had cancer with our 30's. Now having a look at the chances of pregnancy and dealing with the instability of cancer coming back. I am now 38 years old and will be 40 when I am 5 years cleared and then having to think about pregnancy and the statistics of conceiving being low. In addition feeling that I am going through difficulties all the time.

Information overload at the fertility clinic and feeling very tired with all of the relentlessness.

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I have some experience of this. My husband had stage 4 cancer when he was a teenager. We have unexplained infertility, which was a massive shock because his first SA 5 years into remission wasn't great (15 years in remission now) The thought of it coming back frightens me because he is my rock but once you're pass the 5 year mark the chances of it returning are reduced. I don't really have any advice I just wanted to comment to say I have a level of understanding, I know it's not the same situation. I would really highly recommend counselling x


I have had so much counselling, with my own cancer as well as my husbands and both of us did afterwards with relate so counselling overload!! thank you for your reply x


Oh I see. Can I ask if you found the counselling helpful?

I'm sorry I can't be if more help but I didn't want to just read and run! This group can be very quiet and I've waited 2 weeks before anyone replying x


I appreciate you replying there is also shine cancer support on Facebook which is helpful. X



I know time is against you, i do understand that, but maybe you should take some time out to 'recover' mentally before starting on fertility route. You have been through so much, Fertility treatments can take so much out of you too.

Like Katy, I'm sorry its not much help but take care and good luck. Xx


I app your view but time I prob will have to do as I have been told to wait by my oncologist. But I love children and it's hard to keep waiting when it's not my choice or in my control.


Hi oreo78....

so sorry to hear about both you and your husband's experience. It must be very hard to both go through something as frightening as cancer. Well done for fighting it and for coming through it together.

We had a little window into the trauma of cancer last yr. My husband and I were a few days off starting our first round of ivf. When are world stopped....our gp called to say there was a problem. We were informed (wrongly) that my husband had cancer. After two months of tests we thankfully got the all clear. But I can remember the horror and fear and trauma of it all too well.

We had to start IVF a few wks after the all clear as our funding was time limited. We went through one roller coaster into another. And then another and another and yet another.

It's finished with me loosing my job, as I desperately tried to do carry on while suffering grief and exhaustion.

Take the time you need to recover and rest and restore from everything you have gone through. Something like cancer makes you appreciate things more, like your relationship and loved ones. They are the ones who help get you through these tough times.

Infertility following cancer is not something anyone should have to. You are brave and strong. Xxxx

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