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Bloomin Royal wedding!!

Was really enjoying the royal wedding coverage and then they must have mentioned the point about creating life and having children in various ways at least 4 times in less than an hour!!! Does that mean my marriage isn't valid if we didn't have children from it? Or did God just not like us enough?

And so I'm now distracted from the wedding and wondering 'what did I do wrong?'

Heaven forbid a royal had fertility issues!! No doubt the newly weds will start banging out the babies now - his like everyone else and that's all we'll hear about for years.

Sorry. Rant over!

Maybe the FA Cup will be a safer watch 🤣


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Hi MinMin

Sorry this ruined the wedding for you. I think it’s natural to feel like this. I have questioned myself so many times with similar questions. You haven’t done anything wrong and your marriage is no less valid.

I always tell myself when I start to think these things that it’s not my fault I just had an illness (fibroids,endo and adeno) which stopped me having children. I don’t know your situation but you are definitely not doing anything wrong, so don’t beat yourself up

I hope the FA cup worked out better for you lol 😆 and your feeling a bit better today xx


Thanks Sammylou x

Its funny because I will pick up on what they said in the service and probably 99% weren't paying any attention to those words.

The evening was better fun thanks and I am getting more resilient than I used to be. Other days things would just send me back to bed depressed but I keep going now and use the tools I have to cope....this site being one of them!

Off to the coast for a couple of days now so should have a nice break. We wanted to go to Monkey World and so have deliberately gone on a school day so it's not too upsetting seeing the other families together xx


Yeh I totally understand. I still get lots of days like that. You put the tv on and everything you watch Someone is pregnant or having a baby.

My fiancé came home last week and told me the girl at work was having to quit smoking to get her 3 free rounds of IVF. And I burst into tears and was thinking if we got 3 rounds I wonder if it would of worked? We had one fresh round n one frozen as that’s all we could afford as had to pay private. But now I’m feeling stronger I know due to my medical conditions it would probably never have worked anyway. You just get days you can’t help feeling like that. But like you this site is brilliant and has helped me a lot.

Enjoy your break at the coast and the freedom you don’t have to go in school holidays. I always try to find the positives in these things 😉 Have a great time xxx

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Sorry but i am going to rant connected to this issue....

Does the marriage service need to have the issue of having children in it ?

Should the church in particular need to upgrade itself in the way of a modern marriage dosnt necessary mean having children? Even if wanted or not.

I apologise if this goes against anyone religious beliefs. But valid points....

My rant over!

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Hi ladies,

I totally agree with you all. I have been to enough weddings to anticipate this line in the ceremony. And yet I was still annoyed by it haha. Thank goodness the lovely Bishop Curry warmed my heart.

My annoyance at this line in the service and then looking at Megan's mum sitting there on her own then drew my attention to how hard it must also be for single and divorced people sitting through a service all about love. There is heart break in so many people's lives and I suppose that is what infertility has given me ....empathy for the broken and bruised.

Saying all this these comments are worth passing onto the Salt Water and Honey women as they are helping train new clergy with advice about infertility. Maybe this line will one day disappear, after all the Bible is full of couples who struggled with childlessness and we need to remind them of this. X


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