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New on her and have a low AMH

Good Morning,

I was wondering if anybody on here has a Low AMH. I had my follow up appointment with the fertility clinic yesterday and was advised my AMH is 0.68, so on paper it looks as if my chances of conceiving naturally are very low. The consultant has recommended it try IVF which I got the feeling I would have to fund this myself. I mentioned about trying the fertility drug Clomid to which he has advised that I have to get my BMI under 29 currently 30.8 and they will try me on a course of them. Are there any success stories for this?

I should add that I am 38 and feeling extremely low.

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Hi Zoec

Low AMH was the reason I could not have children. It was a new test when I was offered it but at least I had finally a reason. After 2 IVFS I have now given up but you need lots of drugs on IVF , i was on the maximum and produced only 4 eggs. No experience of clomide I'm afraid. I just wanted to gently say this site is for people that have finished treatment or not had children for whatever reason. It sounds like you are not at that stage so the other site maybe best to talk to people still going through the journey. All the best.


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