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Some good news

Hi all,

I used to post on here a few years ago, sorry, I can't remember my old log in so I have reregistered.

Anyway, four years ago when I began to emerge from the grief tunnel, I realised that there was still a lot of life to live, and all sorts of new things to try. One of the things I dabbled with was creative writing. Fast forward to now, and I have just achieved a distinction in my post graduate diploma in creative writing, discovered a hitherto unknown talent for writing historical fiction, and am determined to keep writing.

I still have moments of sadness (got a meet-up with three dear friends coming up -two are mums of toddlers, one is expecting twins, can't say I'm looking forward to it). However, life feels rich and very far from empty.

I send every best wish to everyone who has gone through this thing, I know how soul destroying it is. But there is hope, and there is genuinely more to life.

God bless,



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Thank you for your post! Gives me hope as I am deep in the 'grief tunnel' just now. Congratulations on your diploma and good luck for your writing in future xxx


Hi Jane glad that everything has worked out for you and Congratulations on achieving your diploma I am wanting to do something in my area of work as a health care support worker just finding the right course to be proud of something achievable all the best Laura xx

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Well done on getting a distinction!

I hope that you are able to enjoy most of the meet up with your friends. If they are true friends they'll understand if some of it is difficult for you.

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That's great news for you makes me think there is some happiness around... iev been childless all my life and never really got through the cries tunnel sometimes wonder if I will xx


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