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My name is Diane, and I just wanted to post and introduce myself. I run the Supportline for More To Life. I have many years of nursing experience and have been with the charity since it began. If you would like to ask me a question you can post and choose the topic ‘Ask our nurse’.

If you have any questions for example about: coping with the menopause, what can I expect after a hysterectomy, or are you still finding it difficult to cope with new babies: why can’t I feel ‘normal’? Why won’t others realise that we don’t want to adopt? You simply write your post and then choose the topic ‘Ask our nurse’. I am not here to diagnose, but however simple or complicated your question, I will try to answer you and support you through your queries and worries. Remember, no question is too trivial to ask – if it is bothering you, then ask away. I am available Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10am & 4pm and will answer posts under this new topic during those times.

Don’t forget I am also available to ring on 0121 323 5025 on the days and times mentioned above if you would prefer to ring, in confidence, and speak to me directly.

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Hi Diane,

I have recently had the group counselling session for IVF treatment. I am just a bit worried about all the transvaginal scans they needs to do in this process. I have had all the checks done and the last time they tried to do the transvaginal scan, they couldn't do it as it was too painful. In the end they had to do a laparoscopy. Is there an alternative as I am worried they won't proceed with treatment without doing these scans. They are just too painful to have done



Hi ditsy999. Oh that's a nuisance for you. You may have to see a gynaecologist to get some "dilators" so that you can slowly stretch your vagina - doesn't hurt but may take a few weeks to sort. I doubt they will give you any sedation prior to scanning, so the only other alternative is to take some pain killers beforehand?? Have a word with your GP as he/she may be able to prescribe a mild sedative such as Valium prior to the scanning. I do hope you can get something sorted out. Diane


Hi Diane

Thanks for that . . .hopefully taking painkillers beforehand will sort the problem . . .I hope !


Hi. It usually does with my ladies. Only rarely have one that has to have dilatation done. Make sure you tell the sonographer when you go, and you should be fine - good luck! Diane


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