Very interesting discovery

I came across a blog called

This contains some very interesting links to you tube showing a neurologist explaining the link between vitamin d3 deficiency and chronic pain including migraine ( not just menstrual)

I have already ordered a high dose vitamin d3 (2000iu) and am going to my GP for a blood test.

The links take about an hour to get through but are fascinating and the bottom line is try taking a high strength vitamin d3 (not d2) and get a blood test done. Then see if it works.

I thought I would share this with you as this is something I've never come across before and is worth a try for anyone as there are no side effects used correctly.

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  • Hi. I read your comment on anotehr post, I am going to order vitamin D as well. It is hard to know what to take though as it is also believe that calcium and magnesium help (I took magnesium for a while).

  • I know, I,ve tried magnesium, co q10 and b vits but they havnt made a difference, however I,m willing to try anything thats not gonna give me side effects or make me feel like a medical guinea pig :) hope they work for you I ordered mine from simply supplements who do good range of high potency vit d3 at good prices

  • I'd recommend getting a blood test done too. My level was 23 and should be 60-80. My doctor has prescribed 60,000 units of vit d3 a week for 8 weeks, much higher than in the suppliments I bought! Fingers crossed it works for us!

  • Wow that's a huge dose! Is that 60,000 iu per week so say 10,000 per day approx? I find it hard to understand why these simple tests are overlooked by some dr,s and we,re just given more and more drugs to try. I hope you see some improvement, please keep us posted. :)

  • I know I was really shocked! I've been prescribed tablets that are 20,000 iu each and I have to take 3 a week any way I like e.g. I could take them all in one day or spread out, makes no difference. Apparently vit D is getting more focus at the moment and lots more people are receiving treatment for various issues that could be related to it. Will post again in a few weeks with an update.

  • Hi. How do you jknow which dose to take? (I am not planning to get a blood test).

  • Hi sybille, well after reading monicas comments above I decided to do a bit of research. If you google migraine and vitamin d deficiency you will see many articles giving different advice on dosage. Most articles say that everyone is deficient so best to take high dosage for couple of months then get blood tested.I am going to take8000iu per day for 2 months along with a magnesium/calcium supplement as apparently they work better together.I will then have blood test and see what I should take after that. Obviously I am not a Dr and am going by what I've read but it would appear that there is no risk in taking high doses.

    I will see if I can find the link that I found most interesting and post it on here.


    Here is the link I found

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