Strange migraine symptoms

Hi new here .I will try and keep this short.Ive always had migraines about once a month but 7 months ago I got one that has not started with the typical pounding on one side pain in eye etc etc but after it stopped I continued to get daily headaches burning in back of head pressure in head strange pains in head that I cannot describe hearing blood gushing in ears and head blocked ears face flushing.symptoms and severity change has me on 50mg nortriptyline and yesterday started 75mg lyrica..are all these symptoms really migraine??thank you for replies

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  • Yes! I also find these are typical of the sorts of migraine I get when I'm taking drugs to counter the 'classic' kind. I'm typing with exactly the sort of headache you describe - pressure in head, gushing / tinnitus sensation in ears, hot and bothered etc ... Isn't migraine a wonderful versatile thing :( Propanolol works for me and seems to counter the worst of it, and the headaches respond to aspirin (and a big shot of very strong coffee, and some food with a bit of sugar in it, for some reason). Doesn't take it away but makes it tolerable so I can get on with the day. It's all about experimenting with triggers and trying to find a combo of stuff that works. But don't add worry to the pain, as stressing makes it worse. Check it out with a scan if you're worried, but others here will testify it's almost certainly just a damn headache ...

  • Thank you so much for your reply .II bed not glad you have the same symptoms but relieved im not going mad .I feel like am going mad sometimes just existing in my life and not living it ..These symptoms are every day iuntil It inevitably leads to a two days in bed migraine!

  • I would see a neurologist that specializes in headaches. Sorry that you are going through this. Hope you get the proper treatment and relief soon.

  • I am currently waiting to see a neurologist days to go after 7 months of waiting ..counting down the days!!!

  • Yes, I'm experiencing the same thing now for 2 months. For me...this type of headache that ends up in migraine in the evening happens every time the Seasons change. It's the one type of headache I find hard to treat. I was just telling my husband that when it's quite the sound in my ears is so loud.

    I hope you find find some relief. Maybe try accupuncture it usually helps when nothing else does.

    Good luck!

  • Yup that's all in a migraine! I take Topamax, the Triptans, and Botox for mine. I also take Cymbalta. I've had trips to the ER, morphine, barbiturates just to go to work the next day, The Botox helps alot but I still take the 200 mg of Topamax daily and Relpax as needed. The Cymbalta is 60 mg. I have other meds too and Xanax. I just was short on my Topamax for some reason...miscount maybe, and for a week I didn't have them...went into withdrawal symptoms with cold sweats and nausea. Just getting the Botox stocked every three months is so so hard and getting it authorized all the time. I'm already a month behind because last month they didn't authorize it. My advice is just don't be surprised about how bad it gets and keep doing whatever it takes to stay on top of it! I'm proud of you that you are taking good meds so far!!!

  • Thank you so much for your reply.At least im begining to understand that this is really migraine.I guess ive been so worked up because ive only ever the headache from migraine wich is bad enough but never any of the other symptoms and never for seven months.your reply and the others are taking away some of the fear and stress for me so thank you so so much.

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