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Very confused about my health situation...both physically and mentaly


Hello ...I have not managed to write in any platform just been trying to understand why my migraine came back with a vengeance. About 3 months ago I was kept busy with my Care in community then my migraine got worse every month then every 2 weeks I will call in sick hiding my migraine past trying my best to continue in work....then I had to call my GP and get a sick note something which I have not asked nor needed for years. I started to get extremely tired bugging headaches every part of my body aching hardly sleeping and if I do sleep I get up as if I was running a marathon . I am waiting now to get some blood tests so my GP can find out not what is happening to my body I want to go out but I get very tired and pain could come on any part of my body from my toes to my head....tingly or pins and needles in hands feet round my chin and top of my am typing now I can feel these tingling feeling...I hope I made some sense as I dont seem to be able to 3xplain my problem well...I get distracted very low desire to do things ....just extremely tired and low always the jockey happy go lucky it's the opposite now....thanks that's what am able to say at the moment...anyone feeling the same? Any replies help or tips will be appreciated.

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Yes I have migraine spectrum disorder which makes your body tired and worn out I get silent headaches but severe vertigo I have tried noratripline which has helped as it started with vertigo and my body aching all over and it made me anxious and depressed I think it all started through stress you should see your doctor and get some help and support as it can really get you down 🙏 hope you get better iv been 8 months like this the sooner you get help the better you will feel

Twisler69 in reply to Twisler69

Sorry saw you have seen gp I found lots of help on here and other forums about migraine s which helped me as I didn't no much about it or diets that can help I saw the go who refers me to ent and neurologist which help to get some answers but I had to keep pushing the gp and asked them to refer as urgent as it was affecting my mental health I hope you get answers soon

Mymind67 in reply to Twisler69

Thank you yes am so glad I came to know about this forum slowly trying to navigate it as it does seem to be full of help...If bloods come as all OK I will push further for scans....or come back here and ask for help.

Mymind67 in reply to Twisler69

Thank you I hope you get better soon I do realize now that I have to tace care of ME and get myself back into track.. I also know that it's not going to be easy....but hopefully my GP is supportive.

some vitamin deficiencies can cause migraine like headaches - and also the pins and needles you mention - notably B12 and folate. The mechanisms for absorbing these two are quite specialised and , particularly in the case of B12 it is more likely to be the mechanism going wrong that lead to the problem - in the case of B12 it tends to take a long time for symptoms to develop - creep up on you slowly. Unfortunately it is also difficult to interpret the usual test - serum B12 - and it's better used to identify trends over time than as a single point measure. There are other conditions such as thyroid problems that can have similar symptoms

I hope the blood work does throw up something obvious and you get back to your old self quite quickly.

If you want to look at the symptoms of B12 deficiency you can find them here in case there are any other symptoms that have been around for a while - can take decades- that you haven't connected


Kathybishop in reply to Gambit62


Are you vegan? If so you need to supplement with vitamin B12. Apparently cyanocobalamin is Better than methycobalamin

Running a marathon will take it out of your body so you need to be in tip top physical condition

Good luck

Gambit62 in reply to Kathybishop

No - I am not a vegan - but I do have pernicious anaemia - an autoimmune condition of the gut that prevents me from absorbing B12.

Different people respond differently to different forms of B12 so I don't think it is possible to say that there is any better type - though methyl tends to be pushed as better by vitamin suppliers

Kathybishop in reply to Gambit62

I recently read a couple of books - How not to die by Michael Greger and Blue Zones by Dan Beukner ( wrong spelling I think). One of them ( and I think it was Michael) recommended cyanocabalamine . I also watched his YouTube video - where after reviewing the scientific papers on migraines he listed the evidence on what may help. He is a genius so I follow him. I’m on a low fat plant based diet ( healthy ie greens and fruits and pulses and seeds and grains) not bread and pasta and pizza.! Ive just started but definitely pain levels down. Interestingly I’ve also read The Stanton Protocol but the only thing I’ve taken from that is to add salt as I have low blood pressure! Keep battling 👍

Mymind67 in reply to Kathybishop

Very helpful thanks...ys my weakness is white bread...doing my best to avoid it I do have some pasta...but when am in a headachey mood I seem to eat sugary unhealthy food which makes me feel bit better but it must mess about my blood....will look at your suggestions.. take care

Xandi123 in reply to Mymind67

When I get my migraines I want to eat high carb stuff. I don't think carbs are great for me in such vast quantities and there's evidence of a low carb diet helping to reduce migraine frequency. I found a flour called fibre flour which is very high fibre content which stops me craving the carbs even more and cancels out the carbs, diabetics use it. I have a breadmaker and go to the dough setting, ive made rolls and a pizza base.

Mymind67 in reply to Gambit62

Thank you so much for your reply I forgot to mention am diabetic type 2....This does make my headache and lack of thought and energy levelgo all over the place..not to mention stress and anxiety ....I will look into B12 further.

Gambit62 in reply to Mymind67

If you are taking metformin then please be aware that metformin is known to inhibit the absorption of B12

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