Very first Migraine attack and headaches afterwards

Hi all,

I`m new here :) I`m 26 years old and had my very first migraine attack at work last Wednesday: 5/4/17. This was so scary, I started to get panic attack, as I didn't knew what`s happening, blurry vision, even loss of vision with one eye, really bad headache, sensitivity to light, well.. you know.. It lasted for 2 days, however since then, I keep on getting random headaches daily. It doesn't last for long but it comes and goes at least 5times a day. I`m one of those people who really don't like to take any medicine, but I`m bit scared it might provoke Migraine itself.

Please could you share how you deal with it? Should I go see GP or just take painkillers everytime pain comes?

Thank you!

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  • Hi Kriado, welcome 😆. You should definitely go see your GP for a proper diagnosis.

    What was different about last Wednesday? Where you stressed more than normal? Did you miss lunch? Try and think of a trigger.

    You should be checked out.

    I've had migraine for over 40yrs now and they can be scary, try not to panic, control your breathing.

    There are meds the doc can give you but get a diagnosis first.

    Good luck 👍

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your reply Cally01.

    I know that I had stayed up late, and had only about 4 hours sleep before work, and also I don't really hydrate myself as I should (since migraine attack i making sure I drink 2l of water minimum each day).

    Only problem is that my GB practice is very dismissive and they choose not to do any tests to save time. I guess its time for me to storm there and insist to check me properly.

    Thank you!

  • Yeah, lack of sleep and not drinking enough can bring a migraine on but that sounds like a pretty severe first one !

    Yep, storm into the docs and get checjed out but if it happens again before they see you i would go to the ER and get assessed.

    You need to know what your dealing with and they can assist with the proper meds.

    Be well 👍

  • Hi, first thing, in case this is of relevance, do any other family members past and present have autoimmune diseases including thyroid? Any history of blood clots, strokes or heart attacks at an early age or miscarriages? Also any body had a bad reaction to the contraceptive pill? If any of this sounds relevant come back to me. MaryF

  • Hi Mary,

    I know that my mother has a thyroid for quite a long time now. She also has headaches occasionally but its also big chance due to eye sight which is very weak.

    Blood cloths, strokes,heart attacks, miscarriages - no.

    Its only my sister use contraceptive pill and she never complained about anything regarding this.

    Myself I have an contraceptive implant, but also, this is my 2nd cycle - 5th year, and I never had any problems with it.

    Thank you!

  • Ok in view of your family history, you need to get tested for Hughes Syndrome/APS, this is an autoimmune disease easily treated, but frequently missed with dangerous results by the medical profession, and often neurologists. Having contraception of a certain type can be dangerous. To rule this condition in or out, there are three blood tests, do not be confused by the 2nd one, it is not a Lupus test, just a rather old fashioned name, the blood tests should be done at the hospital as the samples taken are time sensitive!

    Anticardiolipin Antibodies (aCL)


    Lupus Anticoagulant (LA) **


    Beta2GP1 Test

    I also enclose the minor and major symptoms:

    There is no reason why your doctor should not do these tests! They are cheap to do.


    ps if you have any further questions, I administrate a forum on this HU platform to help patients and their relatives with this disease.

  • Thank you MaryF for all your help! I just got back from GP... they haven't done any tests and just prescribed Migraleve tablets.. I asked them if I can get any blood tests done, to make sure its nothing more serious, and the answer they gave me was that at this stage they can give me only pills, and if it gets worse, only then they`ll do tests.

    I thinking of just going privately and get blood tests done.

    once again, thank you MaryF

  • Ok, I suggest you do, and if you get any positive results, I have access to a list of specialists both NHS and private across the UK who understand this condition. I enclose the list:


  • UK on average spend less money (GDP% and per head) than other developed European nations such as France, Germany etc. where treatment is also free at the point of delivery (although different system).

    Our NHS is underfunded and most GPs will behave like this - this is not entirely their fault as they are instructed in such manner. So I am not surprised that your GP has not done anything else other than "prescribing" Migraleve - you can get this from pharmacy anyway.

    I am a little surprised observing the enthusiasm of doctors (GPs) prescribing codeine based painkillers - this can be easily addictive - so please be careful wile taking Migraleve.

  • Unfortunately not having problems with your contraceptive implant doesn't mean you can't start now. You must get blood test done as Mary suggests, the next time you have an attack like this go to A&E I wouldn't necssarily say your G.P has palmed you off with Migraine relief tablets. I can't think of a more dangerous attitude. My daughter - in - Law had very similar symptoms to you and eventually went to A&E where she was diagnosed as having mini strokes due to clotting problems from her contraceptive implant. Please change your G.P their attitude is frankly appauling.

  • I went to A&E once with my horrible migraine - they gave me paracetamol and codeine based tablets and told me to go back to my GP. So not all A&E are kind enough to investigate - unless you are on the floor and having seizures and nearly dead doctors and hospitals probably will not do much.

    I have heard that even cancer patients (in some hospitals) are not given MRI and necessary scans in time as there are "shortage" of resources - so you can imagine, what they think of migraine patients.

  • I just got an doctors appointment for today (in 30minutes). Im leaving now, and will come back here with an update what they said, and if sent me for any tests.

  • You may want to check out the free, online event called the Migraine World Summit from April 23-29. The top global migraine and headache experts speaking on topics relevant to us migraine sufferers:

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