Distinguishing between cluster headache & migraine

I heard a v interesting item on this issue on BBC Radio 4 prog " Inside Health" on 26/7/16; you can listen to it on BBC iplayer . The speaker was Dr Giorgio LAMBRU of Guys & St Thomas Hospital London who runs the "rapid access headache clinic" there . There are links listed on the website re how to access this service .

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  • Be checking that out 😆 thanks for sharing 😆

  • a really interesting listen !! thanks for the heads up :)

  • Thanks - - for others it starts just under 9 minutes in to the show.

  • I have tried to gain access to this programme with no success. Can anyone link it please

  • babs I could't see on iplayer either - found it on bbc4 Inside Health programme page


  • Thank you x

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