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Heat-induced Migraine


I love visiting tropical countries but while I am there, I can be 99% certain of getting a migraine every day. If I go out walking in the heat, even for about half an hour, the familiar dull ache begins across the top of my head and gradually the pain builds up and locates itself usually on the left hand side of my head.

I've taken all the usual advice: wear a hat, drink lots of water, wear light clothing - all to no avail.

Has anyone any thoughts or suggestions?

I also get most of my usual migraines during the night, so Dr Horti's advice about maintaining blood sugar levels was especially interesting. I guess I'll be having a muesli supper from now on!

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I used to live in Texas, where the heat and sun can be extreme, and always dreaded summer because migraines were inevitable. I never was able to stave them off completely, but did notice in addition to the usual precautions such as drinking lots of water, eating regularly, etc, allowing extra time to transition between air conditioning and the outdoor temperature, then back again was helpful for me. Maybe this will work for you too. A nurse friend also told me that preparing a couple of days ahead of time out in the heat by drinking extra water on top of staying generously hydrated while in the heat also helps. I hope this is useful.


Thanks for the tip! I also head for air-conditioned areas whenever possible, but when you're on vacation and go out and about on visits, air-conditioning is not always nearby so I'm really discouraged from exploring some of the tropical locations that I like so much! I drink as much water as I can (at least two litres a day) but for a man of my age, that in itself can present problems! ;-)

forgive my geological knowledge but is there a season in these tropical countries when the weather is cooler and you would beable to visit with less migrianes??

it seems so cruel to have to give up your holidays you love.

i must admit when we get hot days in this country i melt and get migrianes so can only imagine what it would be like in the tropics.

do you find if you get very cold as well you get migraines?


Thanks for your thoughts, Rosianna. I do choose the coolest times but in the tropics, even they are not very cool - daytime temperatures over 30C. and night-time about 23C or 24C.

much like england then!!!

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