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Anyone tried Botox for menstrual/hormonal migraine?

Hi! Just wondering if anyone has had success with Botox for menstrual migraine? I have had chronic migraine for the past 4 years, following a series of concussions, episodic migraines since I was 12. I have around 20-25 migraine days a month, following the pattern of starting a few days before my period, then the first few days, then for the days around ovulation. My other triggers are weather, certain foods and low blood sugar. I have tried amiltrypline, but this did nothing and made me very depressed. I see an osteopath, who also does some acupuncture, cranial work and herbs for me about once a month. I also use Cefaly daily, take magnesium, b2, feverfew and just started vitex. I also adopted a vegetarian diet that is low in dairy. All these things have helped with the intensity of the attacks and have helped the abortive drugs I take work more effectively. I take Frova with domperidone for bad attacks (never more that 9 days a month) and aspirin for less intense days(never more than 15 drug days a month), also found an occasional strong coffee works for some. Things I have tried that didn’t work are cbd oil, Coq10, gluten free, and veganism. If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it.


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Wish I could be more help but just did botox for the first time a week ago. I will say that you need to make sure you get someone who is very skilled. Many doctors claim they know how to do the procedure but it really is a money maker so you have to follow through. Also, it can flare up your migraine like it did mine for about 4 days. So I'd be prepared with some good painkillers or some Gabapentin temporarily. It's too soon to tell if it worked for me.


Many thanks for your reply and really hope the Botox works well for you.

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