Cefaly for Migraine

Hi folks

Has anyone on here tried the Cefaly headband for migraine?

It is very expensive at £253.30, so I would like to try and get some feedback form anyone who has actually tried it please!

I have migraine which affects the trigeminal nerve, and this is what it claims to work on?

I am so fed up with migraine, I have had 3 long migraines in the last 2 months and am at my wits end - i don't know if these companies selling expensive devices take advantage of people like us who will do pretty much anything to get rid of chronic pain...........

Ive also posted this question in the Migraine Action group, so sorry to anyone that is reading duplicate posts!

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  • Hi , yes I have used it and I would recommend it . I know it's expensive and a gamble but my view was anything is worth a try . It claims to help reduce the amount of pain killers and I agree . So when I had a mild or moderate migraine I would sit down and use it instead of grabbing meds. I didn't find it helped on very bad migraines but I think it reduces the intensity and I have not used the cafely for some time so I think the amount I get is fewer to .

    The pads don't stay sticky for long even when used with care but easy to buy more online .

    I'd try it ! Good luck

  • Hi

    I have suffered chronic migraine for 44 years. I have been under the local headache clinic for 5 years, tried every tablet going with no improvement only bad side effects. I have had 5 courses of botox but have now stopped as I felt it was only helping for a week or so after each set of injections.

    I was desperate at this point so the headache specialist recommended I try Cefaly. My clinic has lent me one for a month to try and it has had a profound effect. I have only had two migraines in the three weeks I've been using it. I usually get a migraine 25 to 30 days a month. This is the only thing apart from acupuncture that has really ever helped. my intake of zomig is down 90% so no rebound headaches!! i have now ordered one from the company online. if you answer a few questions and they think you are suitable you will be offered a two month trial and can get your money back if it doesn't work, so although expensive is worth a try. I would highly recommend you give it ago if you can possibly afford it you have nothing to loose if you can get a refund at the end of two months.

  • Thank you Glamourpuss and dradvent

    I'm glad that you both think it's worth investing in as I never trust the feedback on the company's own website/Facebook!

    I think I'm going to get sacked if I don't find something that works soon..... I only work for 'another' 2 days a week and I'm the only person in our office who takes time off sick. The rest of the time I'm self employed, and while that's easier when you suffer migraine it's still delayed income or loss of income if they don't want to rearrange their appointments 😔 (I'm a holistic therapist and tarot reader)

    I might just have to have an early Xmas present 😉

    I've also been prescribed Gabapentin but have been reluctant to try it as the side effects sound awful!

  • I take Gabapentin to help me sleep and do not have any side effects. Can't say that it helps with migraines. NEVER take Effexor. There is a Facebook page "Women's Migraine Support Group" that might be helpful. If you decide to join the group and it takes what you determine to be to long to be admitted let me know.

  • Do you have the link for this one please ..thanks

  • facebook.com/groups/4877044...

    You have to have a Facebook profile pic that shows your face to even be considered to join apparently?

  • Thank you

  • I, as you can see, use my dogs picture. Did you not have any success in joining? You do have to have a Facebook profile.

  • They haven't accepted my request yet, but I read their rules which was where I saw the thing about the profile pic

  • Please could you link me the migraine action group as I've not heard of this before. Thank you

  • Hi babs1234

    I think if you use the search bar and type in migraine action, the community should come up there.

  • Not sure where you live but I ordered mine from the cafely web site and it costs 295 euros. when the transaction came up on my credit card it only cost me £225. Please let us know how you get on.

  • I live in the uk - I was looking on Amazon assuming they would be cheaper! Is it the Belgian website you used? Thanks

  • Yes it came from Belgium. It arrived in 48 hours, a really good service. It also comes with a 2 month trial which amazon don't offer. Hope this helps

  • Hi there, I have used it and wrote about it on another post. I am glad others have had effect from it, but not sure I did. My headaches seemed to calm down a bit but I was having acupuncture at the same time. Anyway I tried it for 7 months and my consultant the Migraine Centre said it did little to any effect. I stopped it and got the full refund, even after 7 months. It's quite a faff having to do it every day as you keep to keep really still while you do it. It is a strange sensation.

    You do have to pay £25 for 3 electrodes (inc. carriage) that last you a month and a half, so it starts to get expensive.

    Hope it works for you!

  • Thanks - it's good to get a variety of opinions. Were you getting migraines that affect the trigeminal nerve which feeds the face too? Mine always start like a sinus headache before becoming migraine and I get pain in my face as well as whichever side of my head it strikes!

    I read that cefaly works better for these types of migraine?

  • I'm not sure about that sorry. Your consultant will have that knowledge. No I get the headache in the head and behind the eyes. I do not have the aura either.

    I understand that you want to try, so I think you should go for it! Just beware of the cost. And as I said, I still got the refund even after 7 months. It's silly really because the cefaly company set me an email from the developer saying it should really be tried for up to a year. In which case the 2 month trial is worthless.

  • If it's the trigeminal nerve you want to treat, look at the migraine surgery.co.UK website a German doctor who treats this with botox and an operation if successful after the test.

  • Thank you for your reply mrpeggotty.

    I've avoided Botox so far as I'm not a fan of having toxins injected into my skin! I have enough problems with drug sensitivities 😕

    Also I would like to avoid any kind of surgery if at all possible......

    I may go down those routes if all else fails, but would like to give non-invasive treatments a try first 😀

    Thanks for the info though!

  • I had the daith piercing 6 weeks ago. It's definately helped my migraines

  • Thanks babs1234, I'm still being a chicken lol

  • I'll tell you what, no where nearly as painful as a migraine :) x

  • Lol I guess not - I just have a couple of small complications...... In the past I suddenly developed an allergy to my normal silver earrings, and I also have a bit of psoriasis in the entrance to one of my ears...... And I have Raynauds which means blood flow to extremities is not as good as it could be which inhibits healing lol

    So I have quite a bit to consider - I may be swayed eventually though if enough of you get amazing results in migraine reduction!

    I do appreciate your feedback 😀 X

  • My daith piercing did nothing for me! I saw so many people on here that said it helped, went and did it - nothing. I kept it in for fun lol.

  • Have a word with your piercer first. Mine did tell me what metal was used but I can't remember what it was now, it wasn't silver but a non allergic something. Also it is the cartilage that's pierced. Definitely worth talking to him first then thinking about it.. Good luck xx

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