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Side effects of botox for migraine

Hi Had my 1st round of Botox just over a week ago. It appears to have helped my headaches quickly, making me think that the muscle tension in my head and neck must be a big cause. Had first migraine today but i am wondering if this is caused by the other side effects. I have the droopy eyelid and tightness around my temples and forehead. It doesn't bother me cosmetically but the pressure of my left eyelid drooping onto my eyelashes is actually very uncomfortable and is i think ironically making my muscles tense! Also i have felt very tired, floppy all over and a bit sniffly. i know some of these can be side effects but not sure how likely that is and if so...How long will it take for the tiredness and general floppiness to wear off as it is affecting my functioning.

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Hi there you should contact neurology who done your injections about the droopy eyelid. I can identify with the sniffly nose and muscle relaxation of your neck. It take 10 to 14 days to fully take effect.

I experienced nothing else other than sniffly nose and my shoulders finally felt like they were relaxed.

I've had 33 injections twice but no effect on my eyes/ temples or headaches.


Hope you feel better soon. Sometimes I feel dreadfully tired and a bit fluey for a few days & more headachy. And sometimes I feel nothing. I think it depends on how well I am & how tight the muscles are when I have the injections.

Mine were due today but got cancelled 😔


I had a similar experience but with even worse side effects. It took three months to go away. It was a nightmare!


Your effects won't go away until the Botox itself wears off. Typically about 3 months. I feel mine fading at 8-9 weeks. We've increased my dose each time but only in certain areas. I did have a slight heaviness on the side of one eye once but only for about a month and not bad. I have Hemiplegic mingraines and its that side that goes paralyzed droopy anyway. I started at 31 injections and am now at 36 with a couple locations a higher amount. My neck will get a bit bobble headish in the beginning. I can say each of the 3 times it's worked for a different amount of time and level of relief.


Even I had read about it. Hope you will get better soon.


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