HI has anyone had succes wit Citalopram for daily migraine? Did u notice weight gain? Also has anyone tried 5htp to lessen migraine attacks, it cant be taken with most migraine meds i know as its very dangerous like ssri's or triptans u can only take 5htp wen u not on any meds that affect / increase serotonin as it can have serious interactions. My shoulder & neck muscles are also always in a spasm durin migraine & then they release like a puppet gettin its strings cut as sn as the migraine ends, i know that sounds like a weird analogy lol but its the best way i can describe how the muscles release instantly when the migraine ends, no meds fully release them.id really love to hear if anyone has experience of any of the issues iv mentioned. I have daily transformed migraine, always trying to keep positive though :)

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  • A combination of nortryptilline and citalopram worked for me. Bearing in mind that I was already taking 60mg of nortryptilline when I added the citalopram I did get a slightly revved up shaky feeling, nausea and a very dry mouth. The nausea and real shakiness were gone after a couple of weeks. The dry mouth lasted longer - I was chewing sugar free gum for a while. You have to give it time to work though - it's not a miracle cure. It simply got the migraines manageable and over time they reduced. I also learnt mindfulness meditation and how to pace my life.

    I was very clear that I wouldn't take anything that made me drowsy or forgetful as I have to drive for work. This combination worked for me and let me carry on working.

    Still on the citalopram and a very small dose (5mg) of nortryptilline 2 years later.

  • I have recently been put on Citalopram for anxiety, not migraines. I asked the GP to assure me that I won't put on weight with it as I have already put on weight since I am taking Pregabalin (fro migraines).

  • I've been taking the highest dose of Citalopram for years for depression. It's never done anything for my migraines and it's never caused weight gain xXx

  • I have taken it for several years for anxiety...no effect on migraines !!

  • ps I still take sumitriptan for migraine and I still weigh the same.

  • I take citalopram for anxiety. I have gained weight and it has no effect on my migraines

  • I'm on citalopram for depression/anxiety, I haven't had one migraine since starting, not much weight gain.... so I'm now thinking my migraines were stress/chemical imbalance related. I have bad insomnia though... hasn't subsided in the 3 months since starting the citalopram.

  • I was on Citalopram (20mg) for depression for a while and cannot say it made any difference to migraines. However, when I got off it, my other headaches (tension) reduced significantly. I didn't suffer any weight gain.

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