Hey everyone, so i decided to write and update for you guys whilst i'm semi human. The last two weeks has been a real bad patch for me, as most of you will know from my earlier posts I suffer from Chronic migraines and Cluster Headaches! :( I hoped that my 2nd round of Botox injections would work but im 6 weeks into the second round and no improvement. I spent the last two weeks stuck in bed only leaving to use the bathroom next door, the pain was constant and so was the weakness and many other symptoms, it got to the point that i decided to go to A&E for help, but then a mini miracle happened and i spent the night on the bathroom floor being sick,come the morning i was better than i had been in almost three weeks.

I've recently heard about the Daith piercing being a real help for Migraine sufferers, many of my friends and family have sent me links that show stories of massive improvement for sufferers after having the piercing , so I went and had it done today!! Fingers and toes crossed that it helps!:)

Has anyone had the piercing? or found anything new that helps them?

I attached the picture for anyone who's wondering what the Piercing looks like.

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  • Good luck I hope the piercing helps. I'm very interested to know the outcome. I, like you, get to the end of my tether then have a little window of being normal for a few days. I have been offered Botox but I'm not keen after seeing feedback on this site.

    Have you ever tried a Cephaly? That's my neurologists other suggestion.

    Good luck


  • I hope the piercing helps you!

    Everyone has been telling me about it too and telling me to get it done but i havnt got round to it yet.

    Let us know how you get on good luck x

  • Hi! Hope this works for you. I also finally took the plunge and got pierced today. I went through my first round of botox Nov 23 and although it helped I've still been down quite often. Especially when I've been busy and not just resting at home all day. We are unsure if I'll be able to return to work. I suffer from hemiplegic migraines. Not all will paralyze me anymore but I always at least get the weakness still. We've done the occipital nerve blocks, botox, I'm on topamax, b12, magnesium, I also use essential oils, go for massages to include myofascial massage for my neck and head. Literally you name it, I've tried it. So after everyone kept suggesting this in finally said let's try it. If not its a cute piercing

  • Hi . I had the daith piercing 6 weeks ago and yes it has helped me. I was pain free for. 3 whole weeks straight after, even going in with a migraine and coming out without. I have ad a few since then but 2 were due to having a vodka the day before so it's no more alcohol for me. The others I have had were certainly not as bad as usuall. So they are far less frequent and far less intent. Get it done, you have nothing to lose. Let us know how you get on x

  • Hey! So the Daith piercing ended badly! last night i ended up in A&E with a severe ear infection that spread into my face and neck, the Daith piercing was also stuck and due to my ears being really small it was 10x harder to remove! not how i wanted to start my Christmas , im still having constant Migraines and now a killer infection...Hopefully 2016 will bring me more luck

  • Oh no, I'm so sorry. How soon after did it become infected? I'm sure that can only mean the equipment wasnt sterilised properly. I would go back and confront your piercer. I haven't heard of this happening before. Mine swelled badly but it wasn't infected. You poor thing, all this on top of the migraines

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