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Ocular Migraine?

Hello, first post so here goes.

I've never had a migraine I know about in my life, 64. About a fortnight ago my eye/eyes went funny and I had double-vision. I don't know whether it was one eye or both because I wasn't prepared for it and have never had anything like it ever before and I kept both eyes open. There was no pain, and it went in 2-3 minutes. I thought at the time that it might have been my right eye, but don't know. I was looking at my wife and describing it to her at the time, and I could see two of her, and the right hand wife seemed to be moving round.

Then last night, watching the tele, I had what I would call a sort of cloud or screen come down over my right eye covering about ¼ at the top of the vision in that eye, but it was white and opaque, not solid. I was more aware this time, so closed each eye in turn and took my glasses off and put them back on again. It was indeed just my right eye and not because my specs needed cleaning!!! This lasted for say 4-5 minutes, and again no pain as such, but a slight, dull headache which I didn't know whether was down to worry or not.

I had my eyes checked out after the first occasion, and the photo showed a slight bleed in the back of one eye, but I can't remember which one! I shall go and ask when next in town.

Never heard of this happening, and not quite sure what I'm asking, any advice I suppose would be gratefully received.

I'm on Warfarin with a normal mid-range INR, and also Propafenone for a heart arrhythmia. Maybe the drugs are causing the eye problems? I've got the dull headache now, so going to take a Parcetomol, see if that helps.

Many thanks and sorry to ramble on.


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Hi I would certainly get you INR levels checked to make sure that is ok.. I know some people have Hughes Syndrome, (sticky blood), myself included an if the INR is not right it can cause problems like this. MaryF x


Hi Mary,Yes, I was worried about the bleed and my INR level, so went to A&E that day and it was 2.7 which is my target. It's 2.5 now and fairly steady. Warfarin does worry me but I have no choice at the moment because an op is due any time.

Thanks for your reply.



Hopefully after the op they can raise it a bit for you. As sometimes if the Warfarin levels are too low it can cause problems with vision. MaryF x


So what INR do you aim for as a matter of interest?


I do not have an INR level but I do have Hughes Syndrome, where patients have a much higher INR often as much as 3.5 but that is due to the condition causing sticky blood. I am lucky currently to get by on aspirin twice a day and other medications. Your INR is very individual to you, and what your consultant decides but do report the vision problems, it is important. All the best to you. MaryF x


Does not sound like a migraine. Had lots of ocular migraine, but always sharp pain accompanies the blurry vision.

I would see my Dr.


I've had this too...I went to my Dr and he told me to get my eyes tested. I've also passed out when my eyes go weird, I call them my funny turns, I've had tests done in hospital, but nothing came up, now when I take these "funny turns" I try and sit still and close my eyes,


Do you get them in one or both eyes Lurganlass? Mine are in one eye, my right one. I've been saying for years to opticians that my right eye isn't quite right. I can hardly explain how it feels, I'm just aware of something but they can't find anything. Maybe just a coincidence?


Some people do get them without pain apparently, according to Google anyhow! I just get a dull headache, not exactly pain. Haven't had one now for a few days, so wondering whether it was the heart arrhythmia drugs I was on, which I've now stopped because they were making me feel weird.



I have been having Ocular Migraines for the past 20 years.

I used to take 3 Aspalgin or 3 aspirin when I get the aura, which would dull down the headache.

I got told by a friend about Mersyndol night strength.

I take two when I get the aura and the migraine will never turns up.

I tried imigran - did not work for me.


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