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I'm new here and this is my migraine story

Hey folks. Just joined this community and already feel very supported by reading all of your different stories. I thought I would share mine and keep track of my progress to help others.

I'm 25 years old lady, currently a PhD student. My migraines started in my teens but usually they were mild and I would simply take some OTC painkiller to stop them. No auras, nauseous or other symptoms.

But for a half year or so I noticed migraine striking me more often and severe (to the point were I can only roll in a ball and lie on the bathroom floor in the dark). Currently I'm having less than 15 attacks/month varying in length, severity and starting time, often feel nauseous. I'm still confused about my triggers the only sure being hormonal change during menstruation, alcohol, anxiety and stress. My doctor prescribed me sumatriptan (50 mg) and it always helps me with pain but obviously doesn't work like preventative and I'm afraid to overuse it.

Since I'm still studying I can pretty much organize my day as I wish, being able to live with migraines. Although my social life is basically non existent I have a very supportative boyfriend and a cat :) However I am very anxious about getting a full job, since migraines really makes me feel disabled and I can't even think of sitting in office 8 to 5 with pounding head and nauseous. I see that a lot of people here struggle with this.

I decided to take things seriously a month ago. My goal is to prevent future migraines as much as possible rather than rely on stopping the pain only. I'm currently taking Feverfew (250 mg) and Butterbur (2x75mg) daily. I'm also on my third week of consistent yoga practice (30 mins for five evenings in the week - youtube videos work just fine). Also trying to have a healthier diet. Although migraine strikes me still as often the pain is much milder and I feel less nauseous. I plan to stick to this routine and see how it goes. Last week I had a 8 days migraine free streak and it felt amazing. But now I have mild ones every second day or so (I believe it's because of weather change - spring is coming!). Sumatriptan helps me with those, but it's my third day taking the pill so if the pain comes back tomorrow I'll just have to wait it trough.

Does anyone else had similar experiences?

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Hi Sarunsed, welcome 😆 migraines are so debilitating and you do feel disabled which unfortunately isn't recognised by the benefit system so it makes life very difficult trying to hold down careers 😢.

I take magnesium glycinate ( without magnesium stearate as an additive ). Zinc, B complex, vit D and C. I tried eliminating one at a time to see what made the difference and noticed magnesium has the biggest impact for me as it's a natural muscle relaxant and helps the severity of the pain. I only use sumatriptan when I'm level 10 which is usually my aura ones, i use ice packs to control it on the onset.

I have daily headaches which lead to daily migraine, when the headache starts i put ice on nape of neck and temples, it usually reduces.

Diagnosed with hemacrania continua in 2014, hormonal aura migraines since i was 12yrs (now 52 ) and severe TMJD since 2013 ( which cause migraine ).

Feel like I'm stuck in the migraine loop for life.

Had to leave my lifetime career as a mortgage financial advisor in 2014, just couldn't cope.

Your in the right place for support, be well 😆


I can't possibly imagine how does it feel living with headaches daily, really sorry to hear that. I also have tension in the head quite often (not migraine) and natural roll-on with lavender, mint and rosemary essential oils seems to bring relief end prevent migraine build up. But I guess you've tried everything already :)

I keep wondering if there will ever be cure for migraines invented, or is it actually different illnesses manifesting this way.

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I honestly believe that a lot of migraines do manifest from trigger points somewhere else in the body, hormones, neck misaligned, jaw joint, blood issues etc.

I hate that neurology feel that they have to give you a label and once they do that no other specialist will look for the route cause!!

I use rosemary in my oil burners and peppermint diluted on my jaw/neck but ice is the only thing that reduces the pain.

I wish you well on your journey. Migraleve duo OTC meds saved me for 30yrs.



Mine are and were due to Hughes Syndrome/APS, having Aspirin has helped immensely and same for my children, often a diagnosis missed doctors and especially Neurologists. MaryF


Does APS related migraines manifest itself any different? Would you recommend trying aspirin and see if it helps before conducting any test?


I would not recommend Aspirin, unless you have a neurological reason for it, plus mine was suggested by two consultants and also paediatrician, in relation to us all.

Hughes Syndrome/APS (also known as Antiphospholipid Syndrome), often other family members have a Thyroid disorder or other autoimmune diseases, women might have had miscarriages in the family, and also strokes or heart attacks at a young age, if any of this sounds familiar come back to me, and I will a) load up the blood tests that can be done and b) the list of specialists in the UK who understand the condition. MaryF


Thank you, I'll keep this in mind, although none of these happened in my family history to my best knowledge.


Probably not that then. MaryF

You can google the symptoms to make sure.


I went through a period when migraines were more days in month than not. mine are triggered by both changes in hormones. My GP didn't pick up on how frequently I had migraines because although i was using rizatriptan have always used fractions of wafer rather than whole. improved when took up running then got worse again when became B12 deficient.

medication can wear off so possible that what feels like multiple may actually be single migraine.


Hi, nice to meet you! And how are you doing now?

I also believe it was single migraine since I'm feeling fine today and the weather have finally changed from rainy to sunny. Feeling the need to go outside and enjoy the world! I've also read that two tablespoons of chia seeds daily can make wonders since it is full of minerals, vitamins and other goodies which are easily absorbed. Sounds better than taking 10 different supplement pills every day. Going to try that too.


Hi, I'm new on here too and same as you was looking for support/info & nice to share experience...

I have had migraines since I was 11, I'm 37 now... I get the aura, sickness, pain and light sensitivity... I dread to think how many days of my life I've wasted lying in a dark room... as I got older I also get pins and needles and confused speech... I work part time and have two boys and it's very hard holding down a job when people think you just have a headache!! Over the years I've tried everything, food, sleep diarys, acupuncture, cranial osteopathy, chiropractor, every type of mess from the dr apart from topamax... over the last year things have been the worst ever, with such awful and frequent attacks that my parents paid for me to see dr muhlberger in London at the migraine surgery centre for a Botox test... he uses Botox to paralyse your muscles which un pinch the nerves that can cause migraine... im ten weeks into the test, on my second round of Botox, and I'm almost 5 weeks free... I'm scared to say it... and the one I did have was mild and I could cope with it and even worked through it!! If the test proves to reduce them by 80% I can have an operation... I'm hopeful at the moment but still scared to speak too soon. But when you're desperate def worth looking into? It works for approx 50% of sufferers... good luck!!! 🙂

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I've also suffered with hormone triggered common migraine (no aura) since my teenage years. My migraine worsened in frequency with menopause at 53 (and a whole lot more triggers emerged including alcohol, coffee, sugar, tannins, shellfish, pork) and discovered rizatriptan around the same time. 5 years later I was experiencing migraines on more than 12 to 15 days a month so I'm trying to stop using rizatriptan altogether to test whether I have medication overuse headache. My neurologist also gave me Botox and I've had two migraines (3 - 4 days each) in the last 51/2 weeks and have only resorted to rizatriptan on one occasion. I've had annoying mild headaches in between but have managed these with anti inflammatories or Panadol. So would recommend trying the botox, has few to no side effects and I much preferred it to the other preventatives all of which did have side effects (antidepressants and anti epilepsy medications).

Good luck with the process, like everyone here, know what a bugger this can be.

Hang in there.


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