Two months ago, I did this... As a headache /migraine sufferer for most of my life, this was my last resort. I had tried every OTC and prescription medicine out there. Had been to 7 doctors and one neurologist. None of them could really help. I'd read about this piercing, that this pressure point may be a start in the right direction. What could it hurt to try another shot at relief?

I am now migraine free (for at least the last 2 months) and headache free for about 7 weeks. I'm happy I spent the money. I am sharing this now for the other unfortunate loved ones that suffer from debilitating headaches and migraines. You may want to try it too.


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  • Sorry just seen this has been posted twice before.

  • My dad mentioned this tov me a couple days ago. I've been ssking research on it and it seems ligit. I've been on so many meds (17) for migraines with no relief since I was 10. I am now 28. I will consider trying this and post if it's actually helps. It's worth a shot. It can't do anymore damage then the medications we've all taken right?

  • I have just had it done and will keep you updated on my progress, if any

  • Babs, well done you for going ahead with the piercing.

    Really interested to hear how you get on with it - please keep us posted.

    I'm thinking about having it done.

    Good luck - hope it works for you.

  • So far so good. Still early days but would definitely have had a couple by now. Thanks for your good wishes and I'll certainly keep you updated x

  • Sounds encouraging Babs, hope you stay mig-free - guess even a reduction would be a good thing :o)

  • Daith piercing done πŸ˜€

  • How did it go.


  • No bother πŸ˜€ will just cross fingers now πŸ˜€ i just need them to fix my jaw and hopefully gain control of them again. I had a really bad headache building before i went for diath but i tried the salt water drink rather than tablets it was touch n go for an hour ( i was giving it hold, hold like brave heart lol) held in the vomit BUT omg!! Headache went!!! πŸ˜€

  • I hope you are still having success? Did it hurt to have it done?

    I am considering this as I am actinic migraine sufferer and am willing to try anything to be pain free..?!?!

  • This was a cross post . She said it didn't hurt. I am seriously thinking of having it done myself. At the moment they could pierce my brain if I thought it would help with these damn migraines x

  • Just had it done an hr ago it's no problem.took 1 and a half mins πŸ˜€

  • I totally agree! I would literally try anything!

  • I have just had my daith piercing done and unless it was my imagination or wishful thinking, I definately felt a release of pressure in my head. I will certainly keep you updated on my progress if any but here's hoping

  • Hi

    Can anyone tell me where I go to get this done please.

  • I went to a normal piercing studio. As soon as I asked about the daith piercing he said ' for migraines' so he knew about it.. So far so good for me but early days

  • After reading the post I went straight out and had my piercing done, so desperate will try anything. I have also made the decision to stop pregabalin, the dizzy effects are just to much for me. I'm going to see how I get on without preventative medication, I've not been drug free for years could be interesting????

  • Good luck. Day 3 for me pain free...feeling excited

  • A week today and still no migraine πŸ‘

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