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Low carb diet seems to have helped me


I have suffered for years with migraines that started mildly then a few years ago got very severe where nothing worked and i was at my witts end. Its true about how low you can get with living with migraine. I would have happily taken the place of anyone being beheaded as i just wanted the pain to stop! I was put on neronotin . This didnt really work but zomig is my lifesafer..i have cut out the neronotins over 6 weeks ago .sick of putting drugs into my body n started a low carb diet lotsvof coconut oil greek yogurts veggies n meats ..and so far my migraines are mych milder where when i have one i only take half a tab ! Longest iv gone now is 5 whole days migraine free which is a miracle for me but on the plus side im loads more active can actually focus better n have great days inbetween my migraines i think this is due to changing my diet .. just a thought. But i will continue as as a bonus im losing the weight too :) i think watever helps you then do it .this is def helping me. Good luck all you migraine sufferers

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I have food sensitivities and I get migraines if I eat eggs, milk, chocolate, or any food colorings. It's a long list. I've been on 2 food elimination diets to determine which foods triggered the migraines. Both diets had wheat as a potential trigger for migraines, and many other carbohydrates were listed. If I stay away from certain foods, I can keep my migraines under control, that is, a few a month.

Hi i have same problem too ive realised that lemons start mine (used to have these in my water) and cant really toerate bread so cut lots of wheat out of my diet too mainly veggies meat fish coconut oil etc but its been a trial n error along the way. What annoys me is it takes us to do our own research to help ourselves get though this to become more human like ..doctors are far to quick at thowing pills at us and thats why i tried to look for healthier alternatives .. groups like this and the migraine community are a great help and source of information. I wish you well with yours

Thank you. I've had help from a dietician and I followed FODMAP for 5 weeks and that helped me identify some food sensitivities. It really helps to be able to talk to a professional who understands food and how some people have very negative reactions to food. A lot of people don't believe in food sensitivities or that foods can trigger a migraine.

I found that I can't eat anything with garlic - that was rough. I have to cook from scratch. Are there nutritionists or dieticians in your area? I live in Edmonton, Canada.

Hi your lucky to have someone to help you identify your triggers, unfortunately my doctors just throw pills at me neologism wasn't helpful as she was only interested if my neck pain was related to my migraines, as they were occurring before the neck pain she dismissed this and that was it! Though I only started getting the neck pain when my migraines were at its worst. I was in their for 5 mins tops! I've had very little help in dealing with my problem so I have took it upon myself to help myself and search for ways that may help. This obviously annoys me as I'm learning new things every day when it's the doctors job to be giving me all the information and help I need! I'm sure I have a dietician here in the UK ,though I've not been told of who or where, but I feel I'm in better control of my migraines now without their "help" through people like yourselves these kinda communities and Google searches! Its so annoying that we have to do our own investigating to find what or what not works! :/

I've had to do a lot of reading and keep food journals to understand my migraines. I also tried keeping track of weather patterns. That didn't help. It's a lot of work doing all of this, but it will be worth it if you can ease the pain.

A drop in barometric pressure can trigger a migraine for me. 

Me too

I eat a Ketogenic diet and keep my carbs under 20 g per day, as a result I am drug free and my once daily migraine is down to once per week!!!! I read"The Migraine Miracle" by Dr Josh Turknett, and started this plan and just have not looked back :)

Along the way I learned just about every migraine patient has migraine that is triggered by the very medication we take for relief :(. When the drugs wear off it triggers another migraine! This way of eating is low carb..medium protein..and high good fats and my brain has never been calmer & more content :), I have lost 10 lbs and on my way to losing more. This is a diet many folks with epilepsy live on as well..it calms our sensitive brains.

Its crazy how we have to take it upon ourselvez to educate ourselves of how to best tackle our migraines! After years of suffering and theiwing pills down my neck and not knowing who i was as completely zombiefied its like a breath of fresh air to finally tackle it with food changes :) Good luck with your journey to recovery.

liseanne13 in reply to Meggietye

Thank you, I will try that.

Same here, after reading Dr Turknett’s book and following his advice! I’ve shared his book with numerous people on this site, but I get the impression people think it sounds too simple. I was a migraineur for 45 years with daily migraines. Dr Josh has given me my life back as well! Cannot thank him enough!!

I am sure we will hear more acceptance of Ketogenic diets in the future for management of brain sensitivities..the science on this subject for epilepsy is pretty compelling already. I really think as the data stacks up the same thing will happen for migraine! It has long been understood about certain foods causing trouble with certain condition..including migraine..so we are just taking this a step further keeping our fat levels higher and our carb levels low.

My trouble days now come after not enough sleep/too much sleep, weather issues, getting caught in bright light, or not following my diet or getting dehydrated by accident.

One of the neatest things I have learned is to keep my salt uptake going thru the day so I am not dehydrated,,which is the most common trigger. I put 1/2 tsp of salt in a mug of hot water first thing in the morning and chase it with Lots of water. I do this a few times a day and get WAY fewer migraines.

My dryer is beeping..let me know if I can help :)


Nancy :)

Thanks Nancy all info is greatly appreciated as I am pretty new to the evidence of foods related to migraines, though I am a believer! As mine have grown less intense and less frequent which is a blessing. I've checked out the Dr Josh Turknett book , looksvery interesting and has very good reviews! Shame it's taken me this long to find the right kinda help in coping with migraines , it's a shame that some who may be suffering and throwing pills down their throats hoping that it helps don't see how this may help them too. Personally I think that the drug companies thrive on illnesses and so it's better for them to do this, this doesn't help us , just my thoughts on the industry to be honest. Thank god with better eating we may win this battle.

All the best


Thank you all words of encouragement help all of us

Hi I'm glad you've found something that helps! I follow the same diet myself ( it's a bit more involved and includes proper hydration / electrolyte balance )  with the guidance of a book which may help you more. It's called migraine sufferers that want to be cured , there's also a Facebook group of really helpful people to answer questions.

As a side note ketogenic diet ( high fat/low carb) used to be used to treat migraines before drugs were invented so yr eating was recognised as a preventative treatment many years ago . 

Julia, I didn't know high fat / low carb used to be the first line of defence for migraine. Thank you for that piece of information!


I'll look that up thank you, I was unaware of low carb diet being used to prevent migraines years ago, that's interesting. Just annoys me that I've only just (through trial n error) come across this knowledge. 

I will look up the books you have mentioned thanks again .

I have been following this low carb diet now for the last year and i have to say it reallynis helping me with my migraines. I have fewer less intense migraines now and do not take any beta blockers (though doc is.not happy about that) i dont really care ad i feel.i no longer need them. :) so glad ive found something that works at last!! Yes i still get the occassional migraine though soon passes if not i take half a zomig and a magnesium bath and rest. Im still trying hard to look after myself and put myself first, but its been a massive improvement. Im actually now looking for work..though be it part time so thats a plus, due to how far ive come over the years from.being totally unable to do almost anything for myself! Im sooo grateful for thw information recieved regarding foods and triggers etc and the research available out there. I still follow Dr Jockers and authority nutruition sited :) . Good luck to all who are suffering i hope you find something that works for you x

I find this really interesting as I really think there are some many links with food. I like the idea of a low carb diet but I don't eat meat. It's interesting too that proper fat is also helping. I think there is a lot to be said about low fat food but I am must admit that I eat it.

Im not sure if there would be an alternative to meat. Ive also heard taking magnesium tabs and b12 tabs aswell as CoQ10 may work? Just came across this info on another thread. Id rather take those than precribed drugs. Maybe worth investigating? Hope you find something that works soon x

Oh i dont eat low fat . Always full fat everything n little carbs :)

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