Why when I start getting my life back together does everything go wrong?

Last week was horrible trying to sort out my car tax, 3 visits to the DVLA centre before I could get everything correct and they could give me a tax disc, yesterday. I had to pay out £200 for the privilege. Met with a friend today for cake & coffee and felt so much brighter.

As I was driving home from work, turned the corner and smack went into a car that was going way too fast. We were both ok but my car wasn't. It has been towed away. This is the first accident in 29 years of driving I have caused. The excess is £350 and I am so fed up that another huge amount of money has got to be paid out (from where?). I just hope its not written off.

Just want to go and hide on a dessert island and cry.

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  • Aw I know what you mean it's a constant struggle.

    I can only say the usual things like it could have been worse, at least you and everyone else is ok, but I know it's not really any consolation when it's happening..but I guess it's true things can always be worse, bet you don't feel like that right now, because to us facing these trials and tribulations it's all very difficult, I hope it goes ok. I had the same thing happen I hit a deer and my car needed a lot of work doing. I felt just like you, I got through it somehow we do,

    I don't know how we do it but somehow we manage to.

    Thinking of you and hoping it all gets sorted out ok.

    A big hug to you.

    Sue xx

  • Sue,

    Thanks for your reply. Do you know the opening credits of Monty python? Where the boot comes down and squashes the man? Well I feel like that! I know I wasn't hurt and the guy I went into was very civil, not angry at all. He admitted to me that he had just had another accident (I wonder why?). Do you know of any millionaires in Berkshire? The older the better!

    Oh well tomorrow is another day....

    Hugs Traceyx

  • Haha Tracey if there are any millionaires here in Berkshire I could with one too hahah...good you keep your sense of humour..hope it goes well and if a find a couple of suitors for us I will let you know hahah

    Big hug to you xxx

  • But your insured arnt you?? Whos fault was it. if it was his, then sue him for the excess, in the local court. small claims court.

    Life is there to test us,,, and my goodness doesnt it. One day at a time.

    Be nicer to yourself.

    Im beginning to wonder if we are a special breed of people, who should live on a island without stress, all nice people, sun shining, and We just dont quite fit, in this hard world. square peg, round hole. Society are trying to force us into the 9-5pm and we just cant do that regimented rescheme (sorry cant spell forgotten how) lmao

    They Say they are trying to help people, ,,,, but what they are trying to get us to do,,, is to fit in to thier,,, regimented,, work pattern (sorry trying to think about going back to work) But selfemployed is looking better,,, work what hours I can cope with.

    I remember going into the post office trying to tax my car,,and a man who I thought was talking so loudly I couldnt think properly. I wanted to scream,,, shut the f up!!!! since then I keep everything in a car folder. makes my life easier,, but still find it hard and dread it,, ie cant find the letter the DVL sent me to tax the car,,, (my son ended up screaming at me for having this car without tax dropped at his and sisters house) I was looking for this bbbllldy document, and because i was in such a tisz,,, I found it the next day,, guess where,, in that blldy folder,,, folded up!!oh god why does this illness make things so much harder for us!!!!!

    Be kinder to yourself, at least you tried...maybe they might invent a place where we all can live without having to explain to others what it is like,,, causing us less stress. take care x

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