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Morning everyone

Sorry I have'nt been on much. Have'nt been feeling too good with the Fibro.

Most of you will remember I managed to get myself of the horrible AD Venlafaxine. I tried to get of it before only for it to be increased. Was diagnosed with Fibro & put on 50mg of Amytriptaline to belp with pain & sleep. Was also put on Lyrica for nerve pain. I am hectic about reading the information leaflets which come in the med boxes. Lyrica is also used to treat GAD. I suffer with severe depression/ anxiety & panic disorder. So I believe with the Amtriptaline & Lyrica it helped me get of the horrible Venlafaxine from 375mg to Nil.

Just over a week ago I went to Drs with all the unused Venlafaxine & told a Locum Dr what I had done. She was far from caring or interested in the next step. I told her I had another appt that morning with my CPN & she told me to take the tabs & discuss it with the CPN.

When I got to my appt with the CPN (whom I have found very caring, listens & is sympathetic about my situation). I showed her the bag with tabs in & she took them of me & rang the Dr I had seen that morning. She was not taking any nonsense from said Dr. By this time I had myself worked up into a terrible state. It was then decided between the 2 of them I would go back onto 60mg of Fluoxetine wbich was what I'd been taking with no nazty side effects before being put on the Venlafaxines. I had to call to see Dr later that day to pick up the new script. I've been started on a low dose of 20mg & have an aplt to see the Dr on Thurs to see how I've been getting on & having them increased. I am just hoping that since my CPN did not miss & hit the wall with her she will listen to my problem. I go to see her on Thurs pm.

I am feeling very down, tearful & in pain.

I have also a lot going on with looking after my brother but I will go into that maybe later today if I feel up to it?

I am currently staying with my brother. He goes to a Centre every Monday but with the weather being like it is we dont know if the bus will come to pick him up.

We need bread & milk & I just dont have the energy or want to go out & get it. I will ask my Mum to go.

I will try to come back later to update you all on things with myself & my Brother.


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hiya Jackie, I hope the fluoxetine help.

keep in touch,

hugs (( :) ))



Hi Sandra, so far its not working too well but its early days. I do hope it works for me like it did before.

I've been under an enormous amount of stress both with my Brother & my Mum. They just seem to be taking infection after infection. Him with his UTI's which is apparently the norm for someone like him with a permanent catheter in. As for Mum she's had to seperate bouts of kidney & bladder infection & Dr has referred her for an Ultrasound Scan. I therefore feel like I am living with my Brother. It was ok for the first while & maybe I sound selfish but I really really want to go home, lock my door & unplug my phones. I am doing more than I should but thats because I really want Mum back to her usual self.

Yesterday Andy went to his Center at 10.15am & had been there no longer than an hour when he phoned Mum to come pick him up. I dont know why he did'nt ask me.

On Sunday there had been a huge row with his two sons while I was upstairs. When I came down they had both gonr. He then got a phkne call from his wife about the 17 yr old crying because he came in effing & blinding at her, telling her he hated her & she said she could'nt take anymore of it & was sending him round to live with him. When Andy told me this I told oh no she's not doing that! Mum & I are there to look after him while she walked out wanting a new life & speaking for myself I have reared my son who is a good caring respectful young man & I am not prepared to take him on & that I would tell her that.

Of course I told Mum all about it & when she went & collected him from the Centre. on the way home he told Mum. Well, my Mum did'nt hold back & gkt tore into my brother about how ill mannered the eldest one is etc etc etc. She was right in what she was saying but my brother did'nt like being hit with the truth.

Mum just whispered briefly about what had happened in the kitchen on her way back home. So I carried on as though I knew nothing & he did'nt mention it to me. Well it was playing kn my mind & on my nerves & at the end of the day my Mum has sacrificed a lot for us & I will take her side everytime. I had been thinking about it & worrykng so much that the flood gates openex & I could'nt stop crying. Bro wanted to know what was wrong & I just said I've things on my mind & was worryjng about my blood results for which I have a Drs appt on Thurs for them & about the fluoetine.

I went on into the kitchen & made him his dinner & when I brought it in he was on the phone to Mum apologising.

I know just feel sick of it all & cant wait to get away. I am just so worried about Mum. She is a Pensioner & whilst my brother has told me he loves me staying with him as he feels safer I think he is taking it for granted that at the slightest thing wrong I'm gonna pack a bag & come to stay but I've has enough & he still sticks up for his nasty wife whist treating both me & Mum like rubbish.

I did have a fall out with him & then could'nt live with the guilt & felt I was lowerjng myself to his wifes standards & I went up & apolgised for something that was'nt my fault. So now he is being nicey nicey with me.

I want my life back again. I dont mind the odd 2 days but he is going to have to sort something out he cant go on jumping down outr throats if he does'nt like what we say .

Sorry for the rant.

I am gkonna say something to him today about we as a family are too close & can see things from the outside which he is blind too & goes off his head when we say our piece.

I hope things are well with you.

Jackie xx


Sorry for my fat finger typos on my phone lol.


Hi Della I just got an email to say you had replied to my AD post but cant see it???



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