Day 6

So its been 6 days since me and my ex broke up. Today has been so hard and i dont really no why, ive hardly stopped crying all day and i cant stop thinking about the past. im so worried that hes just okay now and im left in this awful state, ive text him to see if we can have a chat tonight cos i just need to know if hes fine and not bothered about us. I kind of wish i hadnt now though cos its been over an hour and im starting to get anxious cos ive not heard anything back....what if i dont and he just doesnt care anymore. he might of realised hes happier now. its killing me this, i really just want to go to sleep and not wake up again.

i need peace.

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  • Stop this right now!! No man is worth your tears or heartache. Move on!! You will one day find you soul mate. i found mine but he is no longer with me. We lost him last year!! I will mourn him til my dying day but but I have to move on. Today I cried but I know he is waiting for me. You too will find your soul mate. Chin up best foot forwards and BIG HUGS TO YA XXXX

  • Its very hard after a breakup but every day you will a teeny bit stronger, and you will find yourself thinking less about him. Please remember you have your whole life to meet someone, if its for us it wont pass us by. When we put the focus back on ourselves and stop worrying about the ex, thats when we start to heal. Concentrate on loving yourself first, and then its much easier to find love, as you will have that little secure confident shield around you. Eat well, have a few tears but try and get out and about, and put something nice on to wear. Looking good helps, and act as if your a bit happy. These are little tricks I have tried, Hugs to you and keep going one step at a time.


  • I agree with them comments no1 is worth this pain.

    Stay strong you have everything to live for.

    Take care annie x

  • Poor you. We have all been there, some of us more than once, and I know how hard it is and how painful it gets. If you don't mind me offering some advice, here's what I should have done...

    First, concentrate on you. You can't put a relationship together, or put one behind you, if you don't love yourself. Focus on what the good things are about you, what you like doing and what makes you happy. Try and see what others see in you that is good and admirable and lovable, and put these things at the front of your mind. After all, if you don't love yourself, why should anyone else?

    Second, try and keep your misery inside and let it out in private. Harder to do than to say, I know, but it is really important, especially if you are trying to resurrect your relationship. It is almost never productive to cry in front of your ex, instead you need to remind him of why you were together in the first place. A relationship works through mutual love - love is attractive but dependence is seriously uncool. Don't beg, plead or demean yourself.

    Be strong, and take one day at a time. The pain WILL fade with time, and only when you can think rationally about yourself and your life can you move on towards happiness.

    I wish you good luck, and lots of love.


  • Hi - I nearly ended my life over someone who did not love me and now I look back and while occasionally I get a twang of regret I honestly do not think it could ever have worked out as he was very self centred and was not the right person for me. In fact he was quite a user. Six days is not a long time to have split up from someone special so it is not surprising that you are upset, But I promise you every day it will get very slightly easier, It might be a while before it happens but there will come days when you don't think of him as much and then days when you don't think of him at all because you have carried on with your life. Things will get better Everything passes even though sometimes it doesn't feel like that. I like the advice about loving yourself and concentrating on you for a bit. I might try and take that myself as life is quite tough here too at the moment for different reasons. Take good care.

  • It's never easy having your heart broken. it's also not just men that treat people like trash. it takes all types in this world unfortunately you met one of the bad ones. i have been to hell and back and my ex gave up on me and chose a man with more money, so i really do know how it feels to be betrayed. it will get easier. you need to live one day at a time. looking after yourself is paramount in the quest for your new life. it will be hard but don't give up, everyone on here has a story to tell and will be with you in spirit. you're not alone in your grief. please try to tell yourself every day that you're worth more. he will regret it not you. take very good care of yourself. you'll be in my prayers..x