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Man MOT - Please read gentlemen x


Hello gentlemen, ive noticed that you're a little quieter than us ladies here so i wanted to share a link with you that i found. Its basically an anonomous livechat with GPs, specifically for men. The live hours are Monday evenings 7pm-10pm and Sunday evenings 6pm-9pm. Its not specifically for mental health but any issues that you may discuss with your GP. Ive also included a link to specific mens mental health from Please look after yourselves. With love x

'ManMOT is a new way of accessing the health information you need. Run by the Men’s Health Forum, it enables you to discuss your health concerns with a doctor online using our confidential chat facility. The statistics suggests that men are less likely to visit their GP than women and that as a result our health conditions are often diagnosed later than they need to be. ManMOT brings the doctor to you. Ask anything at all. During 2013, we will be increasing the number of surgeries, the opening hours and the range of health professionals available.'

FREE - No need to go anywhere - No apt needed - Can talk about anything at all

This service sounds fab so please do send on to anyone who might find it useful x

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May I be the first male to thank you for posting these links - the live GP chat sounds rather useful as I haven't been able to get to my GP as yet.

Thanks again - I'm sure many other blokes here will find them useful.

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