Insecurity & Low self esteem

Hi everyone,

Was just wondering if anyone can offer any advice, I really struggle every day with my self image. I hate my face, i hate my body, im constantly thinking i look fat. It drives me mad, i spend most of my days trying to cover myself up then actually enjoying my life,conversations,games etc. My mind constantly wonders back your stomach showing,does my face look weird how im talking,does my breath smell, do i smell? It goes on and on and drives me mad. I feel im constantly battling with the negative thoughts in my head. Its like theres a little devil in there trying to destory me while theres another side trying to hold myself up. Are any of you struggling with anything like this? or previously have? How do you cope? If anyone has any advice to offer i welcome it all!

thanks for reading



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2 Replies

  • Have you thought about any situations where don't don't feel so self conscious and how you can concentrate on those? And takes small steps from there.

    I get like this when my anxiety is really playing up, when im stressed, or worried, or nervous, or anxious, so, pretty much all the time. Its quite extreme at the moment, I don't talk to anyone haven't already met under any circumstance, I try and stay away from people I know unless they already know what's going on though fear of attempting a 'normal' conversation, I have a sore neck because ive got my chair setting so low at work and still have to bow my head so that im hidden under the dividers and no one need know I exist there, although I know it doesn't work. I wear my hair down so I can hide behind it, and always wear flat shoes so I can be quieter and shorter in the hopes that no one notices me. I always brush my teeth but I get paro about breath too so ive just brought some of that CB12 stuff through Groupon (you only save a few quid) just in case but will save it for 'occasions' otherwise id spend a fortune. I take my make up bag with me in the car in case get upset when im out cry off all my make up and have to go back to the car to start again (I don't actually wear much, I just have shadowy eyes so need concealer and get very pale in the winter so a bit of pale blush so I don't look like the walking dead, and see through mascara as I cry so much you can no longer tell I have eyelashes). I carry those mini deowipes (travel section, boots) in my bag in case i get paro about that too and also a mini spray deodorant (trav section) and always have a mirror, concealer, on the go blusher (powder in handle of brush) and carmex in my handbag. Oh and chewing gum. As well as rescue remedy elderflower pastilles! Though wish they'd redesign the tin so it doesn't rattle about so much and click open in your bag so you find little pastilles in the bottom forever more.

    I think everyone suffers from this to different degrees, my worries are more about me existing in general than what I look like but I do what I can and try and keep everything on hand as if ive forgotten something or feel uncomfortable I feel like I can step away an attempt to do something about it, though it doesn't really work.

    Im not encouraging these thoughts but you might as well recognise them and do what you can, you cant ask more of yourself hun. If any of the above ideas help then that's good, but I guess that's just the basics.

    Sorry I know I cant help much, just remember only you and those who know you know how beautiful you are on the inside and that's all that matters. The rest is just a façade x

  • You are suffering from anxiety you need to go see your gp asap the sooner you do the sooner you will get treatment and get better :)