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Does anyone else hear people say abusive things to you when they don't?

I often hear my mum or my boyfriend or people in the street call me fat, ugly, worthless, obese, horrific, to stop eating and much worse things, but it turns out I've misheard them or they haven't said anything. I have very low self esteem and suffer from depression, body dismorphic disorder and chronic fatigue syndrome. I just wanted to know if anyone hears this too, how they deal with it, how common it is and how you deal with it! Thankyou

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This is a question that need a professional answer I think.Sorry I can't be of more help.


Hi Casey this must make you so fearful of any contact with others and thats enough to make you depressed. This could be linked to the self esteem issues but without seeking help from your doctor you will never know. Please go see him/her and ask to be refered to someone. Good luck hun, Keep posting and let us know you are ok xx


Hey, thankyou. I am seeing several therapists and will tell them on my next appointments, I have one tomorrow. Thanks for your advice. I will let you know how it goes. Take care xx



I think that probably you feel those comments about yourself and so hear them and then attribute them to other people. We can all do that when we are stressed or particularly anxious. Do tell the therapists as they will understand and it will help them to help you. Does body dysmorphic disorder mean you don't like your body? That's sad really as it's just who we are, and looking around the world there are so many different shapes and sizes and love seems not to depend on looks or half the world would remain alone. I do hope the therapies help with that issue, but the best therapy would be to love yourself like a mum might love her child. I used a teddy to help overcome my self-loathing, fantasies at first, but then I found I could talk about the fantasies and so talk about my craving for love. Suexx


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