blackhawk mines corp:Safety Tips on Purchasing Camping Gears

blackhawk mines corp:Safety Tips on Purchasing Camping Gears

Planning a camping adventure for first timers can be very frustrating at first. You maybe

unsure as to what you should bring along with you and if you have the rights tools.

Although a camping vacation can be fun and exciting, it can sometimes be stressful to

plan. But don’t worry, like they say the first time is always the hardest. And again don’t

worry because it is not as hard as you think.

When it comes to camping you will have to bring multiple items with you because you

will be in the wilderness and convenience will be provided for you rather you must bring

it with you. It is your first time so what you need to know is how to purchase the right

tools and how to avoid fraud while buying.

These are your fraud warnings and safety tips:

Meeting the buyer- whether you’re going to meet up or the buyer would go to your

place make sure that you have someone with you. Never go alone or never allow him

inside your house alone.

Meeting the seller- same goes in meeting the seller. It is best if you meet them at their

home addresses where the item for sale is placed. At least no matter what happens

you know where the seller is situated.

Accepting and paying money- if the item is worth only a few bucks then it is easier

and more convenient to pay in cash but if it involves larger amount of money it is safer

to carry a check rather than cash.

Purchasing online- Only buy from a legitimate site, research information about the site

first and read reviews about it. Also you can ask friends who bought items online and

go for the same site. If the advertiser wants you to send cash up front you shouldn’t do

it. Remember not to sent cash or cheques through the post, or place money directly

into a seller’s bank account, in advance of receiving goods.

Ask for the warranty or receipt of the product- once you bought an item from a

private seller you will have no legal comeback if it turns out to be faulty so better check

it thoroughly before handling the money.

And always keeps records about the transactions made.

Fraud warning: Scam ads

• Adverts that contain very poor grammar/spelling errors

• Anyone requesting money in advance of you receiving the goods

• Anyone who says they are in a different town/ area of the country than the

postcode entered on the advert

• Anyone offering expensive items for free, or at a discounted rate, on the

condition that you pay large sums of money to cover travel, postage or courier


• Anyone offering to buy you an item for a higher cost than you advertising it at to

include shipping to them

• Anyone asking you to remove your item

• Anyone offering something that is too good to be true

• Anyone who wants payment via money transfer

• Anyone who only corresponds by an email and is unavailable on phone

As many kinds of investment, the chances of buying camping gears ending up to

a fraud is more likely to happen as well. And a scam can be devastating for you

physically, financially and emotionally. Hope this served as a fraud warning for you.

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Hi solaneshellane,

I completely agree with you. I endeavour to stop watching commercials and reading adverts as part of my New Year's resolution. I started to feel increasingly depressed, because I was constantly intrigued by what was being sold, and I decided never to look at them again. Probably just one factor out of many that contributes to my depression. It's difficult sometimes when advertising topics can appear, even on a site such as this one. They can often cause more depressive states, or lead you to question the source of the advert. It seems like I'm trapped. You start to wonder about legitimacy, integrity and honesty of the seller... but it's better to be safe than sorry, I suppose.


I wasn't planning a camping trip but if ever I do your info will prove invaluable! Sue


And quite a good euphemism: actually made me smile today, because it's something slightly uncomfortable to mention :)

I'm always wary / cautious anyway, but some more vigilance / perception required.

Thanks; quite right - invaluable.


Currently email only because of interminable land line problems, and my mobile not always on!


great info. thanks solane