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Ian Thorp on bbc "hard talk"


watched an interview with Ian Thorpe one of, if not the, greatest olympic swimmers.

At the height of his career he suddenly quit.

Why? we now know. Depression & Anxiety.

I don't have a link,but it should be available on the bbc news web site.

It is worth checking out.



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Depression its something we all have to face sometimes in our lives.

Just have to find out what it is causing the depression for it to pass and to find something else to focus on. Its a very challenging and life changing situation.

The challenge is how we deal with it for us to lead a better life.

I am just taking the steps to learn and it is a very long road but I know one day I will get through this barrier.

So think positive to stay ahead.

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It's he only to handle to handle life's fagaries. Keep up social friendships, refuse to let your world shrink!

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Hi Sandra

I've just watched the clip on Ian Thorpe. I think we can all identify with his feelings & thoughts.

I think good for him coming out & speaking publically about it. I dont think I coukd.

I hope you are well.

Jackie xx

keeping up social friendships is very hard

when people talk behind your back and are nice to your face.

I get to the point I don't want to go out until I feel better in myself.

Because I feel and look so miserable and bring others down.

Everybodys depression is personal to a degree. Its good however to know u r not mad or alone in thinking the way we feel. There are quite few helpful websites, MIND, NHS Health Choices. For me its meaning in life, social isolation and a lack of exercise. Understanding why we are depressed is key. Baby steps and being persistent. Remember when u where happy its possible to be that way again.


Yes everyones depression is different & I think it also depends on how deep it is to be able to just get over it & be happy again.

I myself have suffered depression/anxiety/panic disorder. I have also undergone many treatments for it but 19 years later it still comes back harder & darker each time.

I lost my marriage through my depression because my ex husband was unable to cole with me, which only made things worse. I was left tk bring up my 8 year old son on my own. I lost a job that I really loved but because of my absences for long periods of time they had to let me go.

Basically what I am saying I ended up losing everything through depression. My marraige, my job, my home, my friends & social life. I now also have a social phobia.

For some they can overcome depression easily. For others it goes very deep & lives with us every day of our lives.


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