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thank you and Happy New Year

I just want to say thank you to all those of you who have replied to my blogs during recent months. I've been feeling a lot better over the Christmas period despite a lot of difficulties at home and Christmas being a difficult time for me anyway. I've felt supported by the website and am also lucky enough to be feeling supported by a health professional who remains very important to me. I hope you've all managed to have at least some good experiences over Christmas, Happy New Year to you all, Suexx

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I totaly agree Sue, i couldnt be more greatful of coming across this site and having somewhere to go where i feel relevant, even if its not under good circumstances. Hope youve managed to find some enjoyment over the festive period. Best wishes to everyone x


Thats Great Sue, so great to hear, and sorry if i havent been the most chatty sometimes i see so many have replied that i think well i will just leave that blog and happy you had a good Christmas, and yes I am so glad I found this site its so nice to no longer feel alone with my issues and to be able to help others, Keep going forward 2013 has just got to be our year




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