I stay in bed for about 18 hours a day. Get up to watch tv or occasionally go out.. Have been on prozac for 15 years. Help?

I was put on prozac because I had very early menopause due to cancer treatment and my hormones were all over the place. I have not had a problem with it, except for lack of sex drive, which did not amuse my husband. Now I can barely go to the supermarket. Do I need different drugs?

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  • Well to be honest I dont know if a change of drugs will help, I'm on Duloxetine but going through a strange time for the last 3 months, I have been out of my house 3 times in that time the rest I have been in bed. True I had the winter bug but thats long gone, now I cant get out for fear. Im safe, warm and cosy, life is easy from here, I have everything I need. BUT life wasnt hard or stressful before. Perhaps we both need a change of drugs.

  • I think you should go and see your Dr . I am going though a realy bad time at the moment and it's becauce my meds have stopped working.

  • I cannot understand why you were put on prozac in the first place and also they are not meant to be prescibed for so long The side effects of prozac can be horrendous. The fact you had an early menopause is probably inherited or caused by an undiagnosed physical reason. I think it would most definitely be in your interest to read the book "Beyond Prozac" by Doctor Terry Lynch. This book could change your life and it will explain a lot of things to you. I really hope you will read it. I feel very sorry for you and do not think you have had the right help. PLEASE read this book !!

  • Bed is a safe place and when you sleep you dont have to deal with the day to day issues, ok here it is time to be really honest, i just go out if i have to the rest of the time i hide i have become such a recluse that if i died no one would even know until they smelt a rotting smell from my flat, that is how i feel.

    Its cold and why go outside if its cold and see everyone getting on with their lives and pretending like everything is good, when its not, I dont know never felt like i fitted in the kids got me out and about but now they are gone there is nothing to get me out there unless i really have to go, I hate the winter in the UK if i could get back home i would but honestly I would still be the same over there, i think we just have to keep pushing ourselves along and try to get some form of normal life as we see it xx

  • Hi There,

    I so relate to the staying in bed, as I find I can do that too. I call it a "can't be arsed" day, at the moment I have 1 or 2 a week.

    For me it seems to have two purposes, one is if I have had to be around others and function as a "normal" person, which I find exhausting at the moment. The second reason is when I am in a state if high anxiety, I take to my bed to hide from the world.

    It can be really hard to motivate yourself to do anything, I only get up so my kids dont see me in state, or to grab my chainsaw and go cutting fire wood, which is become more of an obsession with me, and can be the only thing I move for.


  • Hey

    Like Jonny I also have days where I can't face getting out of bed (today being one of them). I feel like my bed is my 'safe place'

    I can't help with the drugs, but it does sound like you should talk to our GP and ask them to look at different options.

    I do also know that you have to force yourself to get out of bed and walk to the local shop and back. It really does help, not that I can take my own advice, but I know that it really does help


  • Go back to the drs tell them how your feeling, life is to short to spend 18hrs in bed, especially what you have been through, you should be living life to the full. Set an alarm each morning to get up and write a list of things to do each day so you know your getting up for a reason, don't stay up really late but get up early, even just to buy a newspaper.

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