Slipping fast

Since my medication change I've been slipping fast. It is a case of exchanging one unpleasant side-effect for another, and I'm changing back to the first.

However, I feel it is a combination of the weather and pain - and financial anxiety - which are precipitating this. I just can't cope with the cold and the fact that it is going to be colder and more slippery for months. I'm slightly dyspraxic and have a fear of falling. The cold also exacerbates my pain problems.

I wish I could hibernate - or more.


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5 Replies

  • Hi Missrat,

    I hope you get your medication settled quickly, and although you will have to put up with side effects I hope you feel the benefit soon.

    As for the cold, have you thought about getting a thermal base layer, I ride a motorcycle through all weathers, and I know there are good base layers out there. I have a cold killers balaclava, which is awesome, and they do a whole base layer, even socks. There website is at, but I am sure other brands exist, and even your local aldi or lidl have base layers in occasionally.

    As for the slipping then you can get special grips to put on your shoes in icy conditions, look at

    Hope that helps


  • Hi again,

    A little more searching and I have found Aldi are having a special on thermal ski type base layers this weekend.

    That should keep you warm, and at a reasonable price.


  • Hi missrat,interested in your info cos I am christian also.I found some snow boots in the charity shop for £5 which stop me slipping as I have arthritis in both knees and one which dislocates easily.I also have financial problems due to separation and impending divorce which after coping with for 4years I ended up in a mental health hospital for 9 weeks.They are still trying to sort my meds out also so I sympathise with you.I am either restless or crashed on the settee.I have a horse and am so worried I will lose him as they cost a bit to keep...but he is the family pet and kept me sane for a long time.Love and prayers to you.

  • Yesterday was dreadful. I could barely manage the essential luggage, then I ended up doing the whole of the rat computer results as well as my Show Sec stuff, and various other bits of hassle as well. The journey back was even worse - walking from the bus to London Bridge Station is such a long way. I sat in the 'disabled' section for assistance off as my back was so bad. It appears that SE Trains think that we need a seat half the thickness of a normal one - more like a cloth-covered board - and with the back having curves in the reverse of the position to accommodate the human spine!

    On arrival I was in extreme pain, took a dose of Oramorph and proceeded to itch like mad all night. I gave up on NHS Direct as they were going to ring back in 10 hours - also the person had obviously not been listening. Rang the out-of-hours doc, but he agreed I'd already done what I could and had no further ideas. Tried to ring another organisation - 3 attempts - each replied with 'ring again in 10 minutes.'

    Feeling desperately low. Missing morning service, but I have to prepare the PowerPoint for this afternoon's. Don't feel remotely like it.

  • Hi Missrat,

    yesterday does sound like a truly awful day, it is no wonder you don't feel like preparing a power point, or anything else.

    Depression and anxiety on there own are difficult enough to live with, I can't imagine how I would cope if I was in severe pain also.

    Look after yourself, and I hope things get easier for you soon


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