Dear all,

It's 02:53. I can't sleep despite getting into bed at 21:15 last night. On top of pain, depression & some vicious migraines I now have a rotten cold & chesty cough.

I'm wallowing because I should have had my flu jag by now, but a really nasty migraine caused me to cancel. Now I can't go because of the stupid cold! I know the cold is a minor misery, but it has plenty of company.

I wish I could understand why the same medication every night, doesn't mean the same sleep pattern. It's so frustrating! Also I think my coughing is keeping the neighbours awake. That'll be a fun conversation.

I know that everyone on the various forums is suffering in one or more ways. But I miss some of the levity there was before, it's been a more serious site of late. I mean no disrespect to anyone, it's just my personal view. The fun stuff used to cheer me up & since my last 11 months have been gloomy, I've really missed that.

Hope everyone has as good a day as possible. Cheers.


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12 Replies

  • I can't sleep either. Stupid headaches. :-D

    When I get a cold and am coughing I make my own honey and lemon hot drinks to help ease things. I like the Jakeman cough sweets to sooth my throat and help with the coughing.

    I hope you are feeling better soon. When I am feeling low I go to youtube and watch some of the funny things on there. At the moment I like the 'fascinating aida' group their comedy songs appeal to my sense of humour. :-)

    Hope you can get some sleep and your cold is better soon.

    Take care.

  • Cheers thanks.

    I've had some hot milk & honey, cold care

    capsules & a sleeping aid.

    Have been awake now for 20 hours, no sign of sleep tonight.

    Just hope I don't fall asleep during the Hunger Games movie tonight. Been looking forward to it for ages.

    Take care.

  • I'm wanting to go see that movie. Just trying to pluck up the courage to go see it on my own. :-D

    i'd suggest caffeine before the movie, but then you'd might not be able to sleep afterwards.

  • I am lucky I have several friends to go to the movies with.

    If you're going alone, why not book online, then you can pick your seat. Lots of cinemas have small blocks of 3 seats, & you could pick the back row. That way you won't feel conspicuous, if that's your concern.

    If you lived near me I would be happy to join you.


  • Hi, thank you for the offer. I checked the 'people near me' tool, but couldn't see your name. I stay in Scotland. :-D

    I think I'll check and see when the film is no and if I pick a quiet time to go that might work.

    Thank you

  • I live in Glasgow. I'm not sure if I'm on the people near you. I think I am.

    Still haven't slept, tiptoeing around putting washing away.

    Have a good day.

  • I'm still awake as well. Found you and you are 27 miles away from me. :-D I used to work in Glasgow many years ago. Haven't been through to Glasgow for a while. I occasionally go into Edinburgh.

    Hope you feel better today.

    I'm off to see what my Dad has done to his tablet. He always calls me when he's got computer or mobile phone problems. :-D

    Take care.

  • I couldn't cope with the clutter in my house it got too much for me so I threw everything away. Just took it all to the dump. Some of it was valuable and some of it I need and some of it others could really have used. I started clearing it and realised I had far too much stuff. Then became overwhelmed. Everything snowballed out of control. I can now clean the house properly, my son is playing with all of his things. I can think clearer but want it all back. I feel guilty that others could of had it. I feel stupid as some of it I need and could have sold. Hope my post isn't too serious and you feel better soon xxxxx

  • Hi try not to feel bad about it as you have had some benefits from it haven't you? In my area the big tips sort out any good stuff and sell it onsite. I have been to mine before and they have everything dirt cheap. Bev x

  • Not at all and thanks.

    I know how you feel, I had a bit of a fit, cleared out tons of stuff, it did go to charity.

    However, now I find myself searching for stuff I've given away. Like the Christmas tree last year, was getting on my nerves, so it went in the dump.

    Just had to buy a new one.

    Cheers. Catherine.

  • Oh no!

  • Up here in the wilds i have one triple/double whisky a bottle of strong ale and a spoon of honey. Then stumble off to bed. The cold/flu may still be around next morning if you can still wake up that is.

    One of the beers we have here from Edinburgh is nearly 8% proof. If you know where to go you can get a Whisky that will melt mettle . A really amnesia causing way to forget about cold.

    You could also try a Lemsip with the honey, that is a far safer way to treat a cold