Is there anybody out there find homeopathic remedies helpful?

I'm still waiting for someone to answer me, give me some advice if they are using homeopathic side affects, just not worth the money..etc. I am asking again cuz every med makes me nervous especially with my IBS....there's got to be someone out there that is doing it or trying it. Thanks...

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  • I cant help you with this one, sorry, what are you wanting to use them for and can i ask is that Irritable Bowel Syndrome, so i can go and have a look for you and see what i can find out as i think a girlfriend of mine knows a bit so i am happy to ask her for you xx

  • Thnks for your response, I may eventually get the answer I'm looking for, and yes I have IBS along with chronic fatigue syndrome, which I know alot, about, been given advice about and I'm also on an IBS site...but I always appreciate any advice and commentary. I am being treated for alot of things with the homeopathic remedies, mostly inside my body. I have also looked them up, but thanks once again.

  • Hi ToniaMarie

    I can't really help with this one either, hopefully someone will be able to.

    I'm not clued up on side effects or anything like that especially when there is other health issues.

    I've recently started taking herbal tablets to try help with stress etc but it's too early to comment on whether it is helping or not. I mostly get stressed around deadlines etc so I should have a better idea in the next few weeks if they have any effect :)


  • Thanks for your response KD, I appreciate anything thrown at me...Let me know in the next few weeks how u feel and what u are taking, I am taking alot right now...cheers


  • I will do :) hoping they help!


  • Thnks, u still didn't tell me exactly what you are taking and if they were stored bought, prescribed or did u go to a homeopathic md? If u don't want to tell me right now, I understand.:)


  • Im taking lemon balm just now... going to see how that goes and maybe combine it with other things. I just bought them after doing some reading on stress/anxiety. I don't struggle with stress constantly but at certain times its bad so hopefully this will have some effect :)


  • okay, never heard of it it, I was told that lemon and water at night is a great body cleanser also, hope it works for you....glad u don't struggle too much unlike myself:) Thanks once again:)

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