Is there light?

Hi there just signed up to this site (12/02/17)as I needed an anonymous place to vent/ get advice ect

As I lie n bed for the millionth time of being unable to sleep I'm starting to wonder if these antidepressants are actually worth it? I've been on them for 15years on and off and this time it's just not getting" better".

I have no motivation,interest in anything unfortunately this effecting my relationship with my husband and child. I've had my meds played with about a year ago, but unsure if I should go back to the doctor about it?

Last time I was at he doctor I told him of my back pain and he just brushed it off and said I was just my depression playing tricks on me.

As in said at the start I don't know what the point of this post is, but I guess it's just a rant! Sorry

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  • Please dont be sorry you o bviously need advice and being to talk to others having the same problems as your self! Your doctor sounds very unhelpful have you asked to see another doctor of a second opinion ? The point of making this post is so you dont feel so only and get the advive you neen take care god bless david !

  • I understand & you shouldn't feel the need to apologize for expressing yourself. I have been treated with meds for 15 years now also. It's been mostly SSRI's. My doctor stated that some people build tolerances to meds and they become less effective. Winter months pose obstacles for me if I don't get enough sunlight. Also, regular exercise, including a healthy sex life, increase bodies natural feel good pharmaceuticals Laughter also rewards with natural feel good releases. Focus on life's blessings, and it may change your outlook too. Hang in there and know that you are not alone in the daily struggles and fight against depression. Keep your chin up!! :)

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  • Mindfullness, cbt, mood gym, exercise, diet, positive journaling, stopping negative journaling, socialising. These are all things you can try and do yourself.

    Medication only works in about 1/3 of people,

  • Unfortunately here I live (a tiny island in the north sea!) There is one doctor and really not much to do, we have a shop (tiny convenience type shop withpostoffice) and that's it! The weather I think is not helping at the moment (Gale force 11). I'm going to try and get another appointment and talk it through with the doctor as I said I think I just need to vent! And my husband has bipolar so I don't like to drag him down too! But thanks guys for making me feel welcome!

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