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personality change?


does anybody feel that their whole personality has changed, and does this stop them acting as they once would have with people? For example, I now seem to have extremely low tolerance levels when dealing with situations and /or peoples comments, when I used to be very laid back and tolerant, and feel criticised by family and friends constantly, who feel I should be able to function normally and be productive.

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Hi' i know what your saying about the personality change, i have the same feelings when it comes to dealing with tolerance levels, i too used to be pretty laid back when it came to dealing with day to day things but now i get all eat up for no reason at all, i have a new puppy she's 4 months old and is a little demon at the moment my garden is wrecked, she pulls up all the plants, and this i can't seem to cope with, when i was my happy self this wouldn't have worried me, i know now i shouldn't have got her, and i keep thinking that maybe she would be better off with a new family with children and people who would love her a lot better than i do at this moment..i feel awful to have to admit this but thats how i feel and i don't like myself for it.

aim2b i hope you feel better soon, i just can't wait to feel myself again, hope it won't be too long.


I suffer with this as well. I randomly lose patience with things and people. I believe it's part of my personality disorder. I do suffer with hypoglycaemia-low blood sugar, which can make me more irritable when I get hungry, and my blood sugar plummets. Don't know if that may apply to you?

Amy X :-)


Hi, yes, at certain times of my life when I've been worrying about something or been stressed by having to cope with something, or irritated or angry about something, the way I think, feel and behave changes drastically. I think that's a normal response to changes in what I'm having to cope with.

I find I'm more irritable and less tolerant when I feel less secure so perhaps something has happened to make you feel like that. Sometimes some thought about myself and my life can make me behave differently, so maybe you are stressed about something? There could be a physical cause and if think there may be or are worried about the way you are behaving it may be worth seeing your GP to check out any symptoms as lots of illnesses such as high blood pressureor diabetes can affect personality. I'm wondering whether you feel you are normal and productive and if you think you are not then I wonder how you feel about that. You may be depressed and trying to deal with feelings which will alter your tolerance, you could talk to your GP if you think it you could be depressed as he could refer you to counselling if you think that might be helpful. It does sound as if you feel you lose your temper and sometimes depression is masked by irritation. You say your family criticise you because they think you should be able to function normally and be productive, but what do you think? Criticism from your family may be making you feel they don't understand you which will only increase your stress levels and make it more difficult for you to cope. I do hope you are able to think about what might have started the change of personality you describe and that you find a way to seek the help you may need. Good luck. Sue

Snap, myself I never noticed I had changed, my wife pointed it out to me and she is right, I was very loving , compassionate and understanding,now it seem's I couldn't give a hoot say things to people I would never have dreamed of, say it how it is llike it or leave it.funny thing is I quite like being the new me even though I've lost most of my friends, arr they can all take a running jump, but yeh it is a problem, good luck and I mean that.

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